Most take a multi-vitamin approach to supplementation, but the skin tells a different story. It’s our direct interface with the environment so it reflects the telltale signs of each individual’s lifestyle. To accommodate these different needs we have created VITAMIN PROFILING a self-select multi-disciplinary approach to lifestyle and ageing. 

Alpha-H has custom-designed four vitamin serums – A, B, C, E - each of which possesses a unique profile in terms of its specific skincare benefits. Having four single vitamins to select from allows each individual – whatever their age, skin type or lifestyle – the opportunity to take greater control of their skincare routine by selecting one of the four vitamins to meet the precise needs of their skin at any given time, day or night.
With these four vitamins at your disposal, your homecare routine can be tailored to meet absolutely any skincare eventuality - by a simple process of self-prescription.




Our skin is the largest organ of the body, reflecting everything that takes place within it: be that our physiology, health, state of mind - even our emotions.
Because of this, the skin’s needs are constantly changing; in response to ourindividual lifestyles, stress levels, sleep patterns, hormonal fluctuations, diet and environment.
Solution-based skincare needs to be able to accommodate these changes, correcting any imbalances, whilst giving our skin the optimum level of nutrients and antioxidants to maximise its health and wellbeing on a day-to-day basis. The most readily available source in nature for these components are to be found in vitamins A, B, C & E.
Vitamins are organic compounds, essential for growth and health that cannot be synthesised by the body, which is why following a balanced diet and taking vitamin supplements is so important, but research suggests that only 1% of orally ingested vitamins ever actually reach the skin, leaving our body’s largest organ deficient in many of the components essential to maintaining healthy cell function.


The key indicators of vitamin deficiency in the skin are a chronic lack of radiance, loss of elasticity, inflammation and sensitivity, compromised barrier function, skin roughness, and an increase in visible wrinkle depth. Put these elements together and you have all the key indicators of advanced skin ageing.
To compensate for these deficiencies and help prevent the skin from ageing prematurely requires a new way of thinking about vitamin supplementation, using topically applied formulations that deliver high doses directly into the skin.
Introducing vitamin profiling into your homecare routine can help to:
• Boost collagen production • Diminish wrinkles • Boost hyaluronic acid production • Improve elasticity • Brighten your skin tone • Lighten your pigmentation • Regulate sebaceous secretion • Stimulate new cell production • Reduce inflammation • Improve skin texture • Reduce redness • Strengthen capillaries • Boost skin immunity • Reduce scarring • Shield the skin against pollution • Reduce trans epidermal moisture loss


In 2017 Alpha-H has taken another huge step forward in the development of corrective non-invasive skincare with the introduction of the Vitamin Profiling Collection.
Containing four powerful cosmeceutical serums, the collection is the result of over twenty-one years research and development into skin rejuvenation. These next generation treatments, will continue to lessen the gap between the cosmeticcounter and more invasive procedures.

The primary function of each vitamin serum is:






Personality: Night-specific, firming anti-wrinkle treatment.

Provenance: Vitamin A is extracted from kale, beetroot & carrots.

Components: Encapsulated Retinol and Retinyl Propionate blended with Squalane, Evening Primrose, Macadamia Seed and Jojoba Seed oils.
Self-prescribe for:  
Ageing, sun damage, skin yellowing, loss of elasticity, acne/acne scarring, prematurely weathered or coarsened skin texture.

Vitamin A works by normalising cellular function - meaning it has a corrective effect on all skin conditions.

It stimulates and thickens the dermis, home to our collagen, elastin and capillaries; this reduces wrinkle depth, firms the skin and increases blood flow to the epidermis.

It decreases sebum production whilst increasing the rate of wound healing, making it very effective for reducing acne and acne scarring.

It repairs the cellular structure of the epidermis – thus optimising the skin’s intrinsic UV protective capabilities.



Personality: Day or night - builds moisture and collagen; suppresses pigmentation and redness.

Provenance: B3 is extracted from legumes, B5 from avocados.

Components: Niacinamide (B3) and Panthenol (B5) blended with Copper Peptides, Chia Seed, Ferulic Acid, Fision Hydrate and a unique form of Hyaluronic Acid (Cube3) which has been fractionated into different molecular sizes so it can penetrate todifferent depths.

Self-prescribe for:

Dehydrated, dull, pigmented, stressed, blotchy skin and skins with impaired barrier.
Vitamin B works by increasing production of ceramides and fatty acids - to boost the skin’s moisture levels and barrier function and also prevents moisture loss.

Increases the skin’s antioxidant response by precursor enzymes increasing glutathione and is clinically proven to inhibit the formation of age spots.

It regulates the output and consistency of sebaceous oil to reduce acne breakouts.

Copper Peptides stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis and increase energy

Chia Seed has the highest antioxidant concentration of any oil and is clinically proven to reduce trans epidermal moisture loss.

In an independent clinical study carried out by Dermatest on 21 participants who applied Vitamin B serum twice daily:
95% of participants saw a reduction in wrinkle depth
80% saw an improvement in skin firmness and tightness
76% saw an improvement in radiance and clarity