Is your shopping list ageing you?

Still finding that your skin is looking dull, tired and craggy even though you are meticulous about your anti-ageing skincare regime?
Beyond sleep deprived weekdays and the aftermath of Friday night vinos, the answer may be evident on closer examination of your shopping list. The clues to your complexion are often found within the contents of your fridge or pantry, not just your moisturisers and skin serums.
Giving your shopping list a makeover is as good as giving your skin a makeover as the age old mantra ‘you are what you eat’ rings true. Here are a few rules of thumb to help you refine your shopping list:

#1 There is nothing beautiful about dairy

In a nutshell, dairy ruins your looks and your health. While it causes inflammation and acne, extensive research such as The China Study have determined that casein (the protein in dairy) is actually carcinogenic. A good reason to cut it out of your diet completely and wipe it off your shopping list.

#2 Colour is key

Include a rainbow of colours (and we don’t mean the M&M’s variety) in your shopping basket. Nutrient-rich plant foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables are essential for healthy, vibrant skin. Some of our superfood picks include spinach, capsicums, sweet potatoes, avocado, berries, kale, carrots and citrus fruit. 

#3 Say no to sugar

There is no pussyfooting around with this one; sugar wrecks your skin. It is highly addictive and highly acidic. Sugar inflames the skin and eats up collagen – making you age faster and leaving you with dull, depleted, skin. Avoid refined sugars in sweets, soft drinks, sauces and carbohydrates such as cereals, bread and pasta. Choose sugar-free alternatives and fruit to replace sweets.

#4 Banish the booze (or at least limit it!)

Bloating, dehydration and cellulite are some of the effects alcohol can have on your skin. Alcohol robs your body of vitamins and nutrients, leaving you looking and feeling tired. It can also cause redness (rosacea) of the skin giving you a permanent flushed look. If you enjoy your Friday night celebrations then ensure you drink plenty of water to help flush the toxins and alkalise with fresh juices and plant foods. 

# 5 Cut out bad fats and oils 

Saturated fat and trans fats found in meat, cream, butter, baked and fried goods are culprits for expanding the waistline and also leave skin looking sluggish and spotty. They are also extremely damaging to your health. 

#6 But don’t rob yourself of good oils

Not all oils are bad. ‘Good’ oils such as coconut oil, flaxseed oil, olive oil and avocado oil are great for the skin when used topically and consumed internally – leaving skin hydrated and nourished while maintaining a healthy glow. The best oil for cooking is coconut oil, as it remains stable when heated to high temperatures.

#7 Move over meat….

Plant foods coming through! Fill your shopping basket with beautifying plant foods for gorgeous glowing skin. Consuming less meat and more plant food will make you look years younger and is kinder to your digestive system. Alkalising plant foods will help balance the PH of your body and skin. Citrus fruit, leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables and root vegetables will help maintain good health and bring back your body’s vitality.
Now get out your pen and paper, it’s time to create your anti-ageing shopping list!

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