Launching a new product always gives me goose bumps. There are new stories to tell, new ingredients, technologies, innovation... It’s the lifeblood of a professional skincare brand and, as many of you will know, the Alpha-H story reaches its 21st year in 2016 and we’ve pulled out literally all the stops to develop a product, which absolutely encapsulates that milestone. Already it’s being talked about amongst the beauty elite as the new cult product and on Friday 1st April, before it even reaches the editor’s desks, it launches exclusively in Europe on QVC UK as April’s Beauty Pick Of The Month. It is (drumroll) the Beauty Sleep Power Peel.

Does anyone really get enough “beauty sleep” these days? Our lives are busy, often stressy and that bedside clock ticks metronomically. And yet sleep is so crucial to our body – particularly our skin. Whilst you sleep (or try to) the skin switches into repair and renewal mode… Cell regeneration is accelerated, the skin’s metabolic rate peaks, it makes new collagen, toxins are expelled; these are all crucial factors which hold the ageing process at bay and we wanted to create a product to mimic and support those processes - to recharge your skin’s batteries if you like when it can’t get enough recovery time of its own. So we literally engineered a product from the ground upwards to do just that.

Beauty Sleep Power Peel is your sleep-in hydrating mask, your power peel, your complexion supercharger, your youth booster - all in just one simple step. The other beauty (if you’ll pardon the pun) is that even if you don’t have much of a skincare routine to speak of, you can still add this speciality product into the mix just two nights a week to stop your skin from becoming too “comfortable”; because comfortable skin is lazy skin and lazy skin ages much faster.

But more than anything you will honestly just love using this product, because not only did we formulate it with the power cosmeceuticals you expect from Alpha-H (Retinol, Chronodyn, Hydranov-P, Glycolic Acid) but we also engineered it to have the aesthetics, and aroma of a botanical cream; the yin to the yang so to speak. So let that soporific blend of Frankincense and English Lavender lull you into beauty sleep, whilst the power peel dials back the look of those years by morning…

Now that’s genius skincare ☺

Tom x

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