It’s funny how we take our skin for granted when it really is one of nature’s most remarkable creations. The average adult’s skin spans 21 square feet, weighs nine pounds and contains more than 11 miles of blood vessels. It's your body’s thermostat—able to release as much as three gallons of perspiration a day to keep you cool—and thanks to a process called desquamation it regenerates itself entirely at regular intervals by shedding over 50,000 dead cells a minute.
But this genius creation is also fallible—vulnerable to our ever changing environment, UVA-absorption, atmospheric conditions, lifestyle, mood, hormonal-cycle, diet, stress, sleep patterns and the pre-programmed biological ticking clock of mother nature.

That’s why for me the Vitamin B Serum is the absolute cornerstone of Vitamin Profiling, because it’s without doubt the smartest vitamin in the box; able to target each and every one of these issues and capable of making the skin more resilient against every single one of them.

Vitamin B Serum literally drenches our skin from within—bathing the skin cells in a reservoir of ceramides, moisture and lipids whilst spiking production of collagen to restore firmness, elasticity and youthful bounce. With each application, as our skin becomes ever more hydrated and nourished, signs of ageing diminish, areas of redness and sensitivity normalise, age spots and discolouration fade and the upper layer of the skin—the epidermis—becomes visibly more plump, supple and resilient.

When the serum was clinically tested last year by an independent dermatologist, 20 volunteers had the opportunity to use the Vitamin B daily for eight weeks. During this period not only did they record their own impressions of the improvements in their skin tone, texture and hydration levels, but their skin was analysed in the laboratory—where wrinkle depth, distribution of pigment, skin thickness and moisture content were all tabulated and recorded. After the study was completed and whilst the research team were still analysing the findings, 17 of those 20 participants independently contacted the facility asking if they could reveal the name of the product they’d tested as they were so blown away by the results that all 17 wanted to purchase it. There can be no better indication of the effectiveness of a product than this kind of “blind test” and the researchers admitted to Michelle that they’d never experienced such an overwhelmingly positive response to a product before.

When it comes to our skin a “one size” really doesn’t “fit all”. That’s why Vitamin Profiling is about bespoke skincare solutions; allowing every individual to tailor their homecare and target issues that are entirely unique to them. But whether you suffer from rosacea or uneven skin tone, redness or scarring, acne or dehydration, Vitamin B truly is a serum for all seasons. Its multiplicity of benefits makes it an incredibly powerful weapon in the fight to age better and have naturally more beautiful skin.

- Tom Ogden x


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