The essential double cleanse


With makeup designed to last up to 24 hours these days, it is becoming increasingly difficult to remove that war paint at the end of the day. With silicon based primers, smudge-proof illuminators, water proof mascara and long lasting lipstick, it is not uncommon for some to end the evening after a few too many glasses of vino and wake the next day with your makeup fully intact.
Why do we need to double cleanse? Well – the short of it is, the first cleanse is to remove that stubborn makeup while the second cleanse is to actually clean the skin and restore its pH balance.


A double cleanse will:

Eliminate the chance of a breakout, directly caused from makeup • Remove any pollution, dirt, makeup, excess sebum or grime on the skin • Clear out any clogged pores •
If you are new to the double cleanse you need to be careful not to over cleanse and strip the skin of its natural oils or damage the skin’s natural barrier. This can cause dryness, irritation and excess oil production. This can be avoided by ensuring that you are using the correct cleanser for your skin type and using a purpose made cleansing cloth or gauze.
Tip: Alpha-H offers a range of cleansers suitable for all skin types. We often chat to make up artists and beauty bloggers who like to combine two Alpha-H cleansers to fully remove the lasting effects of makeup on the skin. In this instance, stubborn makeup can easily be removed using the Triple Action Cleanser during your first cleanse and the Balancing Cleanser for your second cleanse.
tripleactioncleanser.jpg   BalancingCleanser300.jpg   RapidResultsGauze-(1).jpg

To really maximise your cleansing routine, we suggest that once a week you incorporate our Rapid Results Gauze. Desgined to super charge your skin cleansing routine, the Rapid Results Gauze offers a new way to smooth and refine the skin. This gauze works in conjunction with your preferred cleanser to boost skin cell regeneration whilst resurfacing the skin, helping to greatly improve skin tone and texture.
Beauty blogger, Lou Penrose from 'The Beauty Vine' shares her experience with the Alpha-H Triple Action Cleanser and her switch from foaming cleansers to gel and lotion cleansers. A great read for those wanting to see how a simple switch in cleansers has helped to clam and balance a previously oily/ acne-prone skin. 

"Foaming cleansers can have the tendency to strip the skin of all its natural oils, disturbing the pH balance, and can lead to the skin over-producing oils to compensate. Since I have made the switch, my skin has responded by actually producing less oil throughout the day, and generally feels calm and balanced. Brilliant." - Lou Penrose


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