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Travel essentials + our teams favourite holiday getaway’s when you’re in dire need of some sunshine!

It’s that time of year when 50% of your emails get an out of office reply. Regardless of where you live; for you lucky beauties based in Europe many of you are gallivanting around Spain and Croatia and you belles from the Southern Hemisphere, Bali, Phuket or even Queenstown NZ are on people’s hit list. 

This being the case, the A-H Marketing team have highlighted some of our favourite mid-year getaways (regardless of where you’re from) and our skin and makeup saviours when you’re looking for minimal effort with maximum results. 



Why: Crete is a magical tapestry of sun-drenched beaches, rugged canyons, ancient villages, and vibrant culture. I’m intoxicated by the warm Cretan hospitality and spirited locals. I love meandering the old city of Rethymnon for artisan treasures, swimming in crystal waters guarded by fortresses and sipping wine on rustic rooftop terraces - Crete you have my heart!

Skincare: Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+

Makeup: Younblood Loose Mineral Powder 

Hair: Moroccan Oil
ProtectionPlus.jpg   youngblood.jpg   morroccanoil.jpg
Alpha-H Protection Plus Daily SPF50+   Youngblood Loose Mineral Powder   Morroccan Oil





Why: Its full of history, culture and excellent food. The wonderful memories we made of swimming in the Adriatic Sea (avoiding the Urchins), exploring roman ruins, Plitvica Lakes, eating at Dalmatino restaurant on Hvar, Hazelnut Gelato and the Pizza, olive groves, wild lavender, rosemary and pine trees. I would return in a heartbeat.

Skincare: I cant choose just one, it’s the Balancing Cleanser and Gentle Daily Exfoliant combination with the Fresh Everyday Cotton Cloths, the BEST cleansing combo

Makeup: I cannot live without a mascara, I’m using Georgio Armani at the moment

Hair: Kerastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique leave-in cream
Cleanserexfoliant.jpg   georgioarmanimascara.jpg   kerastase.jpg
Alpha-H Balancing Cleasner +
Gentle Daily Exfoliant
  Giorgio Armani
Eyes To Kill Mascara

Kerastase Nectar Thermique




Why: The atmosphere is electric because you are literally stepping back in time. There was no internet and no television when I visited so people make their own entertainment, people literally dance salsa in the street. The vibe in Cuba is contagious and you literally can’t NOT get swept up in the magic. Balmy nights, great music and an authentic Mojito and you’re all set to go. 

Skincare: Instant Facial, a multi-tasking genius of a product 

Makeup: Anastasia Eyebrows Dipbrow pot and and Brow-wiz pencil to ensure my brows are always in place, even if I am sans makeup  

Hair: Muk Curl Stick – with three different size curling barrels, tussled beach waves are a breeze 

instantfacial.jpg   anastasiabrows.jpg   mukcurlstick.jpg
Alpha-H Instant Facial   Anastasia Eyebrows Dipbrow Pot and
Brow-wiz pencil

Muk Curl Stick





Why: Love the cruisey, laid back lifestyle, beaches for days and the seafood tapas are amazing!

Skincare: Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF30+, my three in one, daily moisturiser, primer and sunscreen 

Makeup: Bobby Brown Fair BB Cream, it’s my everyday go-to

Hair: Dry Shampoo, no explanation necessary 

dailyessentialmoisturiser.jpg   bobbibrownbbcream.jpg   dryshampoo-(1).jpg
Alpha-H Daily Essential Moisturiser   Bobbi Brown BB Cream  
Dry Shampoo




Why: I love Queenstown in the winter for its scenery, the snow and the great atmosphere. There is so much to do in Queenstown for all ages and I have so many amazing memories from many family holidays here. 

Skincare: The Age Delay Facial Oil is a must have for wintery getaways. I also like to mix it in with my daily moisturiser. 

Makeup:  Bobby Brown Brow Gel

Hair: Hair pulled back in braids and coated in Moroccan Oil so it retains its moisture.

agedelayfacialoil.jpg   bobbibrownbrows.jpg   morroccanoil.jpg
Alpha-H Age Delay Facial Oil   Bobbi Brown Brow Gel  
Morroccan Oil




Why: This place has such a magical essence about it, it truly captivates you with it’s beauty. Not for those looking to travel on the cheap though I must add! This place is a bit of a splurge but one I am glad I have experienced as a part of my honeymoon adventure. It is like something from a fairytale with its crystal waters, cobblestone alleyways, pastel hues and cascading boganvillea. I can see why this is a celebrity hot spot for sure!

Skincare: Liquid Gold - on holiday, who has time for a lengthy routine? This must-have has me refreshed and ready for bed in no time!

Makeup: Nars highlighter in Albatross and Bronzer in Laguna, for that holiday glow

Hair: Bumble & Bumble Pret a Powder. Its dry shampoo meets texturising powder for a less chalky way to extend time between washes. Cannot be without!

liquidgold.jpg   narsalbatross.jpg   bumblebumble.jpg
Alpha-H Liquid Gold   Nars Albatross Highlighter  
Bumble & Bumble Pret a Powder





Why: I love the States in general as there are so many diverse and wonderful places to travel to within close proximity to each other (California to Colorado to Seattle and so many more) but my absolute fave is beautiful New York. I love the history, the romance, the diversity, the shopping (!!), the food, the people, the pure ENERGY of New York. I have been lucky enough to have been there 3 times, and would go again in a heartbeat!
Skincare: Absolute Eye Complex - perfect to keep your (potentially tired!) eyes looking fresh and alive as it combats dark circles, dark shadows and puffiness

Makeup: Youngblood Deep Sea Hydrating Complex Liquid Mineral Foundation with Youngblood Mineral Primer

Hair: Balmain Texturizing Salt Spray 
AEC.jpg   youngbloodfoundation.jpg   balmain.jpg
Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex   Youngblood  Liquid Mineral
Balmain Texturizing Salt Spray





Why: Aside from the hustle and bustle and over-populated craziness, Southern India is a beautiful, tropical paradise covered in a dense blanket of lush palm trees, deserted beaches and fresh coconuts! It's a cool place to go to connect to your spiritual side, explore interesting places and sample the array of amazing spiciness! 

Skincare: Alpha-H Vitamin C to repair and hydrate sun damaged skin

Makeup: Smashbox BB cream and Bare Minerals SPF25+ translucent mineral powder for easy, pain-free coverage

Hair: Aesop Nurturing Conditioner and/or Aesop Moisturising Hair Mask cause my hair gets so dry from the heat!
vitaminc.jpg   smashbox.jpg   AESOP.jpg
Alpha-H Vitamin C   Smashbox BB Cream and Bare Minerals
SPF25+ translucent mineral powder

Aesop Nurturing Conditioner

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