The number one tip to looking years younger


Imagine if you could press pause on ageing with one simple step?  You can. Studies show that daily year-round sunscreen use can significantly slow the skin’s ageing process. It turns out that sunscreen is the ultimate anti-ageing cream and at a fraction of the price of luxury ‘miracles in a jar’, it’s the most economical.

Sunscreen not only helps to prevent wrinkles, but also yellowing of the skin, brown spots and pigmentation, which we associate with ageing. It’s one of Christy Brinkley’s top ‘fountain of youth’ tips and Kate Moss swears by it, yet a miniscule 13% of people use sunscreen everyday, with most using it only if it’s sunny outside. Sun damage can occur all year-round, even cloudy days forecast wrinkles and sun induced ageing.

While we are becoming increasingly aware about the importance of sunscreen, there is still a large percentage of Australians who aren’t using it correctly. More than a third of people don’t know to check the use-by date on their sunscreen, even more (two thirds) don’t understand that the effectiveness of sunscreen deteriorates when stored above 25 degrees and only 15% of people are applying the recommended amount for effective protection.

At Alpha-H we are All About SPF and this summer we are shouting about sun safety to educate Aussies on the importance of wearing sunscreen to prevent ageing and skin cancer. For a limited time, we have supersized your favourite sunscreens with $2 from every purchase donated to the University of Queensland’s skin cancer research. 

Protecting your skin today will help you look younger tomorrow!




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