Cosmeceutical Skincare Vs Over The Counter Skincare


Struggling to get rid of those pesky breakouts, brown splotches and fines lines that are slowly creeping in? Do you spend your entire pay on expensive potions but not get the results promised?

If this sounds like you, then cosmeceutical skincare aka active skincare may bring the skin-change you are looking for.

You might be wondering, what is cosmeceutical skincare? How does it differ from the ranges found in chemists and department stores? And what can it do for your skin? Here’s the low-down from our expert skin therapists…

It basically comes down to two things:

1.    The amount of active ingredients contained in the product 
2.    The level of penetration into the skin

Imagine you are buying a block of chocolate; you want an intense chocolaty flavor so you choose one that contains a higher percentage of cacao.

The same applies to skincare. If you want noticeable results, you would choose products that contain higher percentages of active ingredients. Cosmeceutical skincare contains active ingredients such as AHA’s (i.e. glycolic acid) vitamins, peptides and retinols, which are clinically proven to deliver tangible, lasting changes within the skin. These changes can happen instantly or over a longer term and studies show that active ingredients have the ability to biologically change the skin. That’s great news for those of us who want to look younger!


Cosmeceutical skincare also has the ability to penetrate deeper into the skin where new skin cells, collagen and pigmentation are produced. This means we can treat specific and persistent skin concerns with effective results that exceed those of general skincare application. 

It’s the loss of collagen and the appearance of brown spots from pigmentation that give us an aged look. Active skincare stimulates collagen production, evens skin tone, and speeds up cellular renewal so it continuously looks fresh.

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For more information on what active skincare can do for your skin, visit your local Alpha-H stockist.



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