Bridal Beauty Bootcamp


There seem to be weddings happening left right and centre here at HQ and with wedding season about to commence here in the southern hemisphere, what better way to kick it off by outlining a bridal bootcamp for your beauty regime?
This does not necessarily need to be for the bride! You could be a blushing bridesmaid, the mother of the groom or even a guest. Yes the day is all about the bride and groom HOWEVER there is no reason your glowing radiant skin can’t be the standout.
Facials are very important if you are committed to the cause. We recommend monthly facials leading up to the wedding month and really upping the ante the month of the wedding to one per week.

To show you what I mean let’s use the below as an example:


Once facial per month. I would be talking to your Facialist about whether a peel, IPL Skin rejuvenation or a programme of Microdermabrasion’s would get you the best results. In this instance, we might use the Alpha-H Professional Skin Clinic as an example and have them tailor a programme which combines all three.


Two facials this month. Some brides like to change things up, but we STRONGLY discourage changing your routine so close to D-Day. This month we would recommend perhaps alternating with Peels and/or a Microdermabrasion as well as adding on an LED blue light treatment to plump and hydrate. If you have not already incorporated vitamins, both internally and externally, to your regime – now is the time! Think food for your face. Nutrients!


If you can, this would be the time to bump it up another notch to one facial per week. These facials are to support, nourish, hydrate and stimulate collagen to create an amazing glow.



Now that we have dissected your facial routine, the home skincare regime is also important. You really need to be diligent with what you are doing at home and what products you are using. Let’s just say that you are now a full diet and exercise nut trying to slim down before the big day. This means that there is a lot going on both internally and externally.
A good cleanser is a no-brainer as you will need to remove the excess grime, sweat and makeup after a long day of work and working out. You will also need to incorporate a vitamin regime and a powerful serum roughly six to eight weeks out. DON’T forget a daily SPF is crucial to keep further premature ageing at bay.

BalancingCleanser250.jpg   vitaminskit250-(1).jpg   protectionplusdailyspf50-(1).jpg
We would recommend chatting to your Facialist and makeup artist the day before the wedding to discuss if you should exfoliate the morning of as well as apply any serums to prep and plump, pre-makeup. P.S. Sleep is also a crucial element in looking dewy and flawless to try and get some, for your skins sake.

Here are some of the Alpha-H HQ beauties on their big days having adhered to some of these tried and true techniques!

tarynswedding.jpg   charlotteswedding.jpg
Taryn Doherty with sisters Libby and Jamee on her wedding day   Charlotte Roberts on her wedding day with friend Katrina and sister Ainsley

Keep an eye on our social media for plenty of mini-facial tips and at-home regime's to have you looking your best! 

Enjoy the big day beauties! xx

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