The juice on juicing

the juice on juicing

Whether you are powering up your juicer at home or hitting local juice bars, one thing’s for sure, juicing is trending. It seems everyone is gulping green liquid, everyone from Hollywood’s A-list to your friends and work buddies.
While it has always been a ritual for health fanatics, juicing is permeating the mainstream and becoming an integral part of morning routines. But is it all just hype? Will you really notice the difference in how you look and feel? Here’s the scoop from a juice junkie.


To juice or not to juice

No hesitation here, to juice definitely! There are huge benefits of juicing for health and beauty. Here are a few:
Rosie Huntington Whitely is a fan of the green juice  

Glowing radiant skin and sparkly eyes

Now who wouldn’t want that? Juicing helps detoxify skin cells giving you clear radiant skin. It also keeps the skin hydrated. After juicing for a few months you may also notice that your eyes are whiter, brighter and more crystal.

Models and celebs alike are well onboard this bandwagon...  who wouldn't want Rosie's glowing complexion! 

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Health benefits of juicing

Juicing detoxes the body by clearing acids (toxins) and waste from vital organs and systems. An over accumulation of toxins leads to disease, weight gain and acne. 
Think you live a relatively clean life and don’t need to detox? Think again! Toxins are present in our everyday lives; pollution, processed foods, soil, water, chemical sprays, medications and alcohol; toxins are everywhere.
Juicing helps break down toxins and cleanse the body, restoring it to a more alkaline state while guarding against oxidative cellular damage.
Think of it as an anti-ageing elixir that will keep you feeling fit and your engine running smoothly.


‘Wake up’

Juicing helps clear out the ‘sludge’ in your system, but did you know that it also helps cleanse the mind? Juicing is often incorporated into spiritual practice, meditation and yoga as it helps to give clarity of the mind. It literally helps you to ‘wake up’ and become more conscious.

The Alpha-H girls love to wake up to a fresh revitalising green smoothie (pictured left is our Marketing Manager's green fix for the morning). One of our recommendations is Kimberly Snyder's Glowing Green Smoothie! 


Why not just take multi-vitamins?

While juicing does not replace the role of a multi-vitamin, it does allow your body to quickly and easily absorb nutrients and oxygen into your cells and tissue. Multi-vitamin tablets can be acidic and first need to be broken down before being absorbed. Juicing is ideal in conjunction with taking vitamins and a plant based diet. 


Go Green

Not all juices are alike. Green is the go as these juices contain more chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and less sugar. Greens such as kale, spinach, silver beet and celery will pack a powerful punch, while parsley is a blood cleanser. Slip in a lemon for maximum alkalizing action. If green is a little tart for your palette, sweeten with an apple before building up your taste buds to bitter!

green ginger celery juice from mind body green  

Glowing Green Juice

3 stalks of celery
2 stalks of silver beet 
Handful of kale, spinach or parsley
½ cucumber
1 lemon
1 apple 
Thumb of fresh ginger

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