A gem that will forever be in my skincare regime

instant facial review by guest blogger Brooke O'Keefe from 'Runway Brooklyn'.

It is fair to say Instagram has changed my life. Who would have thought a photo-sharing app could change the lives of 100’s, maybe even 1000’s.
And I am not only just talking about the launch of my fashion online store, Runway Brooklyn, (which has always been a dream of mine), but also the company which contacted me to see if I was interested in trying their product, Alpha –H. These guys have changed my life by introducing me to a product that I simply cannot stop talking about. Being a blogger, you often get sent products of all kinds to trial and then share your experience with your following. The hard thing is sometimes you get sent stuff that really doesn’t do it for you. But Alpha-H, you do it for me!!!


Yes, I have been asked to be a guest blogger for Alpha-H, so of course I am here to share my love for the brand.  But, I can honestly say that I would not agree to this if I didn’t 100% believe in this product.  
I have completely fallen in love with everything about Alpha-H. The inspiring woman behind the label and her amazing team, the brand’s philosophy and broad selection of products, but most of all, my skin. Yes, I love my skin! 
I was lucky enough to be invited as a special guest to the launch of Alpha-H’s latest product, Instant Facial.  Wow! - What an absolute gem this is. A gem that will be forever be in my skin care regime. 


Here is a little descriptive from the team at Alpha-H:
“Instant Facial is a fast acting botanical skin booster, which enhances the skin through resurfacing and hydration. Ideal for prepping the skin before makeup, after a long flight or to refresh thirsty skin – suitable for all skin types.”

Yes, all of the above is correct, but let me just sum it up in my words. 
Instant Facial – the must have product for the time poor. A spray that will leave you fresh-faced and glowing after the first use and become a part of your daily regime. 
Sounds too good to be true, I know, right?!  But the morning after my first time with Instant Facial, my skin had this glow that I hadn’t experienced before. Yes, I do now have nice skin (thanks to Alpha-H products), but this was next level nice; not to mention how beautifully my makeup applied that morning!
I cannot recommend this product enough, but until you try it yourself, you will have to take my word for it. And again, I am not here to push something on you that I don’t believe in myself. I am writing this to share with you a product and brand that has changed my life.
Thank you, Alpha-H, for finding me! I am here to stay and forever share the love.
The beauty of social media and Instagram.

Brooke X.


You can read more of Brooke's own blogs here and shop up a storm at her mega lust-worthy fashion store 'Runway Brooklyn' here. A word of warning, however - you may get a little carried away!

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