Dermapen: Awakening the body's natural healing process


The history behind it

The amazing treatment known as skin needling has been around for years.  Dr. Andre Camirand discovered that skin which was passed over with a tattoo gun showed visible improvement when it comes to scarring, texture, appearance and colour. Years later, Dr. Des Fernandes introduced his own needling device. Technology developed further and in 2006 the MTS Roller was available to the public. 
The latest technology in skin needling is the Dermapen. While the traditional roller gave sensational results the Dermapen takes skin needling to another level.  The Dermapen is an automatic device which is able to produce 1300 micro holes in the skin, per second.  The Dermapen is more advanced as it creates more precise fine puncture wounds. It has the ability to provide clients with a quicker, more effective treatment.

How does it work?

The Dermapen is a spring-loaded pen which is fitted with a new sterile head for every client. The needle depth can be changed according to the treatment or area which is being treated on the client.  
Firstly, the technician will apply a numbing gel to alleviate the slight discomfort that can be felt in certain areas from the needles.  At this stage the technician will apply a serum or gel to the skin which allows slip and a pain free treatment. 

At Alpha-H we often use Hyaluronic Acid Gel which is known for its ability to increase moisture, improve texture and soften fine lines.  Other serum’s can be used such as Vitamin C when treating Pigmentation.  The application of this serum not only makes the treatment more comfortable for the client but the serum itself is absorbed deeper into the skin due to the micro injuries boosting their beneficial properties. 

What to expect after a treatment?

The treatment itself is simple and takes no longer than an hour. A special silicon make up is applied directly after treatment which allows the client to go back to work or continue on with their day. Their skin may be pink and there is the potential of slight swelling for a few hours directly after treatment. Generally your skin will feel great and at worst a little sunburnt.  

Who can have this treatment?

The amazing news is the Dermapen can be used for all skin types. Unlike Fraxel Laser which uses heat and energy the Dermapen can be used on fair or darker skin tones.  The only limitation is the Dermapen should not be used while you are currently suffering active acne or infection as it may spread bacteria other contraindications are usually disease related. 

What skin problems does it help?

The Dermapen helps a large range of skin conditions including:
Enlarged pores
Acne Scarring
Stretch Marks
Fine lines
Tattoo Removal

What are the results?

In less than 3 days the skin will be fully healed as far as redness but what is truly amazing about the Dermapen is that it continues to work on the skin for months after the treatment. Dermapen is designed to assist in the production of collagen and elasten deep in the skin improving the depth of scars. Your skin will feel supple and firm and the best part is this treatment is it’s your body’s natural response to micro injuries so the results will not fade.

We recommend a course of 3-6 treatments depending on what you are treating and 1 treatment annually to give your skin a boost.

Prices at Alpha-H Professional Skin Clinic are $250 per treatment with great packages available.

Contact the Alpha-H Professional Skin Clinic to book a treatment:

Phone: (07) 5529 4866
Unti 1 / 18 Millennium Circuit, 
Helensvale QLD, 4214     

Further information, along with treatment before and afters can be found on the Dermapen website.

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