The Alpha-H Skin Tricks You Need To Know


Unless you’re a VS Angel, chances are you probably won’t wake up looking like one. But fear not beauties, we have your back in your less glamorous moments!

Lose the lacklustre skin

Walk on the bright side with a fresh vibrant complexion that’s ready to take on the day.
Gentle Daily Exfoliant will give your skin a boost in times of grey pallor. Tip: mix with a few drops of Liquid Gold for an at-home mini-peel!


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Fight unwelcome intruders

Pow! Take that, pimple! Our superhero Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel will save the day with bacterial fighting Eucalyptus and Tee Tree, and Zinc for rapid healing. Keep calm and carry on beauties…


Leave your bags at home

Don’t bring puffy late night lack of sleep eyes into your day. Keep a chilled tube of Absolute Eye Complex in the fridge for those post-party peepers. The refreshing gel texture is infused with Cucumber, Hibiscus and Pomegranate for an instant pick-me-up. 


Get your beauty sleep

Whilst you sleep (or try to) the skin switches into repair and renewal mode… Cell regeneration is accelerated, the skin’s metabolic rate peaks, it makes new collagen, toxins are expelled; these are all crucial factors which hold the ageing process at bay. Get to work while you sleep with Beauty Sleep Power Peel - your hydrating mask, power peel, complexion supercharger and youth booster - all in just one simple step!


Don’t let moisture escape

Lock it in by applying Age Delay Facial Oil over the top of your night cream. Trans-epidermal water loss peaks at night, so creating an oil occlusion will ensure you wake to a perfectly hydrated and plump looking complexion. 

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