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As professional skin health experts for over twenty years Alpha-H is committed to giving our customers honest, unbiased and clear advice when it comes to the wellbeing and protection of their skin. As such, we welcome the recent report by UK consumer magazine “Which1 emphasising the importance of reapplying sun protection products. 

We understand the novelty of “extended wear”sun creams is very appealing to consumers, but as “Which” have demonstrated, the reality is that there is no universal approach or standard when it comes to testing these types of products. In addition there are also a huge number of random factors which may stop your sun cream from working effectively – be it swimming, showering, sweating, towel-drying, humidity and even proximity to reflective surfaces. Particular individuals can also be “immunosuppressed”; that is, their skin has less resistance to UV light and its potential side effects as a result of a particular medical condition or the use of certain drugs.

“Once-a-day” claims for SPF are not permitted by the Therapeutic Goods Association in Australia: meaning that anything that leads consumers to believe sun creams don’t need to be regularly reapplied is forbidden. The TGA’s rules around the manufacture and labeling of sun creams are much stricter than in the UK and it is these rules, which Alpha-H are proud to advocate and adhere to.

Which”, Cancer Research UK and the British Association of Dermatologists are all calling for manufacturers of “extended-wear” sun creams to have a similar approach to the one we take in Australia and though we can’t speak for other brands, we believe that the primary concern of every ethical manufacturer should be the health and safety of the consumer.

At Alpha-H we want your skin to tan more healthily and age less demonstrably, but most importantly we want you to have the peace of mind to be able to enjoy everything an active outdoor life has to offer, without worrying about any risks to your skin’s long term health.

Our top tips to protect your skin when sunbathing:

• Check the expiry on your sunscreen.

• Keep your sunscreen out of the sun; hide it under a towel or near a water bottle when at the beach.

• NICE (the UK’s National Institute for Clinical Excellence) recently recommended that the amount of sunscreen needed for the body of an average adult to achieve the stated SPF is around 35ml or 6 to 8 teaspoons of lotion2.

• Reapply, reapply, reapply - every 1-2 hours. Set a timer to remind yourself.

  2. From NICE guidelines [NG34] Sunlight Exposure: risks and benefits, February 2016

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