Do Guys Need Their Own Skincare Range?



We call on the expert advice from popular mens lifestyle, grooming and style blog 'Mr Volpato' to give us his opinion on the matter...

One of the myths that I try to dispel through my blog MR VOLPATO is that men don’t need to use skin care. 
Taking care of your skin is arguably the most important aspect of maintaining an impeccable grooming regime. The amount of time spent grooming by the modern man has been growing like crazy, resulting in increased reports of battles for bathroom time. From men’s hair care to bespoke shaving kits, there’s no shortage of men’s grooming products out there. Evidently there’s no shortage of men willing to buy them either! (The $19.7 billion dollar men’s grooming industry serves as testament.)
Not too long ago, I received an interesting email from a man asking if he could use his girlfriends skin care products. This spurred an interesting thought: Do men really need their own skin care range?
Conventional wisdom tells us that certain things (e.g. dresses, heels & beards) should remain gender specific. Well, what about skincare?
There’s no doubt that on a biological level, differences between a man and a woman’s skin exist. Men tend to boast larger pores and a thicker epidural layer, which means it’s easier for our skin to clog with dirt and oil. They also have shaving to deal with, which does the skin no favors. Beyond these minor differences, men and women still have to deal with the universal problems of ageing, dehydration and sun-damage on a daily basis. So are the aforementioned differences significant enough to warrant an entire new line of skin care?
Not quite.
Everywhere you look there are skin care products specifically formulated for men. Sure, if it’s just the packaging that has changed then it’s fine. But if there is a change in price because the product contains ingredients that are ‘specific to men’ think before you buy. There are numerous skin concerns, which means there's a real need for varying skin care products, but the fact of the matter is that gender shouldn’t determine the type of skin care you use, your skin type should. 
The only differences that should exist between men and women's skin care should be the perfume or scent. (Unless you're a man that likes smelling like roses. Whatever floats your boat!)
There's a lot of marketing hype that surrounds men's skin care. In fact, there’s a lot of marketing hype that surrounds the skin care market in general. Luckily, Alpha-H's products are all unisex, which means there is no confusion. They also don’t believe their customers should pay for filler ingredients, which means their products contain more active ingredients that most other brands out there. 
At the end of the day, your lifestyle and skin type should determine the type of skin care product you use, not your gender. It's more than ok for men and women to share the same skin care products!


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