'My Blonde Closet' Product Review


Alpha-H welcomes Gemma Louise May, the beauty behing the blog 'My Blonde Closet' to share with us her thoughts on three of our new products...


Summer is only weeks away and in preparation of the season filled sunshine, surf and sea I have been in search of the newest and greatest summer essential skin care available. I spent the last few weeks of October reviewing 3 new products from Alpha-H - The Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ , Cleansing Cube with Crushed Cranberries and Firming Body Therapy with Caffeine and Raspberry Oil.

The Alpha-H Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ has launched into the market as a daily staple. I actually loved this product, which offers broad spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection. In the past i have stayed away from moisturizers which also contain sunscreen as I have found them to be greasy and as a result they would aggravate my skin. Alpha-H Protection Plus claims to be non-greasy and is non-greasy. The cream was light weight, spread easy across the skin and dried within 5 - 10 minutes leaving a matt finish to take makeup well. I even found that some dry areas on my skin were more hydrated - which meant that i didn't need to use an additional hydrating primer before applying makeup... and even though the moisturizer still smelt of sunscreen i haven't had any breakouts.
The Protection Plus formula contains pomegranate oil for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. As someone who drinks pomegranate juice each day for these exact internal health benefits, I felt at ease using this ingredient on my skin. The formula also contains mango butter to soothe and hydrate dry skin, and a super antioxidant that helps to make skin more age resistant, brighten the complexion, smooth fine lines and create a more even skin tone diminishing fine lines and fading sun spots. I love that this product has both prevention and anti-aging ingredients, although I don't know if ive used the cream for long enough to adequately test the effectiveness of any anti-aging changes in my own skin. Perhaps you will have to check back with me in a month or so...


The Alpha-H Cleansing Cube with Crushed Cranberries is a gentle cleansing cube that buffs the skin and intends to leave it refreshed and awakened. When I first open the packaging and pulled out the cleansing cube I actually assume its a soap. As a child my mother always told me not to wash my face with soap and as someone who is rather intolerant to soap products - alarm bells started ringing. After taking a closer look at the ingredients I was relieved to see that the cleanings cube is actually 100% palm oil and soap free, and actually perfect for those who have sensitive skin. The formula also contains smoothing exfoliating particles naturally sourced from crushed cranberries which gently buff away dead skin cells and stimulate circulation. It also contains skin refining glycolic acid and coconut oil to lock in moisture. Did I mention you can use this on both your face and body too ? And this product is hand made in Queensland, Australia. It also smells great, foams like soap ( which makes you feel like its working ) and leaves my skin soft.


The final product I trailed from the new Alpha-H range was the Firming Body Therapy with Caffeine and Raspberry Oil. Caffeine is such big news in the beauty industry at the moment as it works to eliminate fluid retention which smoothes out the appearance of the skin. It prohibits an enzyme in our body, which usually breaks down fat cells, but caffeine prevents this enzyme, allowing your body to metabolize fat quickly and more efficiently. We all want firm, youthful-looking skin even if it’s on those nasty spots where the sun don't shine ( until you wear a bikini that is ) so i was really looking forward to trailing this product. I found it to be really hydrating to the skin, and left it feeling softer which I believe is a result of both the cream and the cleansing cube combined. The shimmer in the lotion also gives an instant illusion of smoother, more even looking skin which is perfect if you aren't quite feeling summer ready, tanned and terrific just yet. A girlfriend of mine also mentioned that my skin looked great, and she just loved the appearance of the shimmer!


You can read more of Gemma's blogs at 'My Blonde Closet'

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