Raw is all the rage

Raw is all the Rage - see our top picks and recipes to see you to a healthier you!

Health enthusiasts have been humming this tune for a while; living foods are key to vitality, energy, and anti-ageing. Now it seems, raw is all the rage, as more and more people realise the multiple health and beauty benefits, of going raw. 


Why raw?

When food is processed or cooked at temperatures above 130 degrees, nutrients and enzymes are destroyed. This means that you are basically eating empty calories, food that has very little nutritional value. 

Consuming more raw foods in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables will increase your intake of enzymes, vitamins and nutrients. Enzymes help to break down food and aid digestion. An enzyme-rich diet will stop you from feeling sluggish and give you energy throughout the day.  

Raw foods also alkalise your body, helping to keep it in a pH perfect state, which is important for releasing waste products from the cells and for weight loss.



Health and beauty benefits of going raw.

Who doesn’t want to look younger and feel fitter? Raw foods have been shown to slow the ageing process. Want proof? Meet Mimi Kirk (Right), she’s 75! Mimi is a Raw Food Chef from California, her delicious and nutritious recipes can be found on youngonrawfood.com

Some other health and beauty benefits of raw:

•    Lose weight
•    Detoxifies your body
•    Helps heal your body of diseases such as cancer
•    Increases energy levels (often dramatically)
•    Improves digestion 
•    Maintains a healthy gut
•    Improves eyesight
•    Helps you sleep better
•    Strengthens your immune system 
•    Clearer thinking and focus
  Mimi Kirk - Young on Raw Food

It’s not just for vegans and health nuts!

It’s for everyone! Anyone can incorporate more of raw in their diets and gain the benefits! Try eating a salad with lunch and dinner, snacking on fruit and veggie sticks throughout the day, or having a smoothie for breakfast. 

Raw Till 4

This little motto has the power to completely change the way you look and feel. 
Eating raw plant foods during the day will crank up your metabolism and allow your body to fire more efficiently when you need energy the most. Raw food is easy to digest, leaving you more energy to go about your busy day. No more backed up colons, bad moods and brain fog after lunch!


Tips for being rawsome!

#1 When eating meals, always eat your raw component first, for example; eat your salad before anything that is cooked on your plate. This will get your digestive juices going and help alkalise your body before consuming any acidic foods.

#2 Stock your pantry with essentials: cookbooks, fresh ingredients and utensils such as a blender, spiraliser and food processor will be your best friends in the kitchen!

#3 Hit the farmers markets for fresh local produce: if you arrive just before closing you will often get great deals and freebies!

#4 Think ahead: plan meals so that you are not standing around the kitchen wondering what you should make for dinner. 


More on raw…

There are plenty of wonderful websites full of amazing inspiration. A couple of our faves include youngandraw.com and thisrawsomeveganlife.com. The receipe's below have been plucked direct from the pages of these creative websites. They are so tasty!

raw zucchini pasta   this raw some vegan - pumpkin seed and garlic pasta
Live Zucchini Marinara Pasta: 'youngandraw'   Pumpkin Seed and Garlic Pasta: 'thisrawsomeveganlife'


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