PRESS PAUSE ON AGEING - Multi-Perfecting Skin Tint


The Alpha-H Multi-Perfecting Skin Tint is my 3-in-1 with more benefits than I could list here. It's a moisturiser, tint and broad-sprectrum SPF 15+ (obviously crucial for anyone wanting to press pause on ageing) which means that I've replaced three products in my bathroom.  But the beauty of this product is that after using it, I don't really need to put on any foundation or mineral makeup because it gives me an even-toned and vibrant look.  

It also includes sunflower oil, which is high in Vitamin E and great for increasing hydration ands you skin and that is the key element I'm loving how this feels on my skin, dewy and smooth.  

BUT my absolute favourite thing about using this (yes, other than the sun protection, dewy flawless skin base and the fact it actually lasts on my face) is how freaking easy it is to use!  I just squeeze some to my fingertips, gently rub on my face and then I use the handy little concealer that hides in the cap to fix up any under eye circles or blemishes.  I throw it in my handbag in case I ever need a touch up.  


If I'm heading out, I mix it with a little of my foundation for some extra coverage, but if I'm just having a day with Bo, I'll mix it with my serum for a more natural look.  EASY! 

If you want to learn more about this insanely versatile product, head here! And in case your wondering, I use Medium/Dark during the summer months when I have a bit more of a natural tan.  

You can read more about this incredible product right here!


P.S. Alpha H are giving away a free drink bottle with every purchase of Multi Perfecting Skin Tint in the month of November! 


Watch our how-to video here for more info, hint and tips.

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