Anti-pollution Skincare


Q. Why do we need to consider adding in additional products to our regime to make sure our skin is as pollution-free as possible? 

A. Because pollution contains dangerous molecules called free radicals which can result in significant damage to cell structures, speeding up the ageing process; this is known as oxidative stress.

We are seeing more and more brands launching skincare lines specifically marketed to “break the cycle of daily assaults” and “restore city-exposed skin” but here at Alpha-H, a bunch of our products are already preforming those functions. 

Antioxidants are import in fending off pollution and daily grime and our Vitamin C and Vitamin E are perfect for this. Why – you ask?


Pollution depletes the body’s store of natural antioxidants and causes it to produce bad free radicals which leave a trail of cellular destruction and can alter the cells ability to form collagen and elastin. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are the best possible topical vitamins to apply to boost your skin’s natural antioxidant ability. 

Apply an SPF with added benefits. The Alpha-H Protection Plus is a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects your skin from the full spectrum UVA and UVB rays. This little gem also contains Enzogenol which is a powerful, multifaceted natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory plant compound from the bark of New Zealand grown pine trees. 


A water-only extraction method is used to preserve and concentrate the delicate plant compounds found in Enzogenol. These plant compounds, known as polyphenols, include procyandis (known as OPC), bioflavonoids and organic acids. They work to break the chain reaction of free radicals stopping the cellular damage that we are exposed to from UV, pollution, toxins and poor lifestyle habits.  

A deep cleansing routine is also paramount to ridding your skin of any dust, exhaust fumes, sweat or toxins. The Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser and Triple Action Cleanser are specifically formulated to remove any traces of dirt and makeup, gently and effectively. We often see customers showing signs of accelerated ageing, an overall dullness to their complexion and even an increase in pigmentation. 

Micro Cleanse Super Scrub is a dual-action exfoliant that uses glycolic acid and biodegradable Jojoba beads to shed the skin of debris. The manual scrubbing action helps to stimulate the body’s internal detoxification system and flushes toxins and pollutants out through our lymphatic system, increasing oxygenated blood to our skin’s surface. 

After your scrub mix few drops of Age Delay Facial Oil into your Essential Hydration Cream to increase your detox with a lymphatic draining face massage (sweeping movements starting from the centre of your face outward and down toward the lymph glands below your ears and jaw).


Cleansing Cube contains crushed Cranberries that buff the skin. Cranberries are also highly potent antioxidants fighting against free radical damage from pollutants. Applied in upwards movements towards the heart, Cleansing Cube will also help to stimulate the lymphatic system to flush internal toxins from the body. 

If you live in the big city, ensure you are double cleansing each and every night. The first cleanse is always going to remove any makeup, dirt or daily grime from the skin and the second cleanse will restore your skins pH to normal level as well as remove any stubborn makeup still sitting on the surface. 

So smarten up your regime and make it city-specific by adding in a few additional items to future proof your skin. 

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