Celeb Spring-Skinspo

With many of us emerging from our winter hibernation (cue. nights spent rugged up in bed watching the latest Netflix shows whilst sipping hot chocolate) it’s time to get your glow-on or get that glow-back after those months of heaters and numerous layers of clothing. 

We have chosen our favourite celebs for some spring skinspiration and our top products to buff away that dry, dehydrated winter skin to renew, re-energise and refresh in anticipation for that long, hot Australian summer. 

20’s – Margot Robbie 

Instant FacialAbsolute Lip PerfectorBalancing Moisturiser
In your 20’s Alpha-H can assist in reducing pore size, control those problem areas i.e. oily t-zone and minimizes breakouts. 

30’s – Sienna Miller

Liquid Gold Rejuvenating Cream, Age Delay Eye and Lip Treatment Cream, Vitamin C
In your 30’s Alpha-H can soften the look of fine lines and brighten areas of discolouration to ensure you get away with less concealer. 

40’s – Penelope Cruz 

Liquid Gold, Vitamin A, Beauty Sleep Power Peel.
In your 40’s Alpha-H can soften the appearance of wrinkles, minimise hormonal breakouts and brighten areas of pigmentation and sun damage.

50’s – Michelle Pfeiffer 

Age Delay Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Night Treatment Cream, Age Delay Hand and Cuticle Cream and Age Delay Facial Oil
In your 50’s Alpha-H forces your skin to exfoliate itself faster and thus behave younger, reducing skin coarseness and wrinkle depth while boosting moisture content for better hydrated skin.

60’s – Susan Sarandon 

Liquid Laser Cleansing Oil, Liquid Laser Concentrate, Liquid Super Anti-Ageing Balm
In your 60’s and beyond Alpha-H can assist in preventing intrinsic skin changes that are often associated with hormonal changes post menopause, and also assist in repairing DNA damage accumulated within the cell. 

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