For our limited edition 25th Anniversary Kit, we wanted to collaborate with a local artist to create a beautiful, bespoke artwork to celebrate the milestone. Meet Brisbane-based artist Nicola Jane; the beauty and brains behind this stunning design.


How long have you been illustrating for?

It started as a hobby in June 2018 which quickly became a side hustle and then in October 2019 I turned it into my full time job

How would you describe your artwork style and medium?

Honestly I haven’t found a name for my style of art that I think represents it accurately, and I am constantly experimenting and evolving. All of my illustrations are created digitally on my iPad, and feature things that I surround myself with and that inspire me such as fashion, beauty, interior design, florals, and powerful women. I love using a feminine colour palette, warm textures and abstract shapes.

What was the process in creating the cover art for Alpha-H’s 25th Anniversary Kit?

We firstly came up with the idea of featuring a female face on the cover with rose gold roses. I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and Instagram getting inspiration for the face shape and makeup style of the girl. I knew I wanted her to look really soft and feminine and have a really rosy makeup look. I was really inspired and had a pretty clear image in my head of what I wanted her to look like, so I put the illustration together quite quickly! The longest part was choosing her hair – I think it played with 5 different styles and colours until I came up with a style I was happy with!

How would you articulate the look and feel of the final piece?

I think it’s pretty dreamy! To me it’s soft and feminine and rosy which is perfect for a kit with rose gold products.

What is a typical day like in your design studio?

No two days are the same! The only constant is that the first thing I do every morning is respond to emails while enjoying an iced latte. If I have any online orders for my prints I will pack them and take them to the post office, and then I work on client work. This can be anything from big illustration projects to small one-off illustrations, logo design, website design, content creation, hand lettering, anything in the creative/design world! I love that there is so much variety so I never get bored.

How does it feel collaborating with Alpha-H on their 25th Anniversary?

Like a dream! I am such a fan of Alpha-H and their products so this is definitely the most exciting project I have ever worked on

Your go-to skincare products right now?

I have been using a full Alpha-H skincare routine for the past few months and I am loving every product I have tried! The stand-outs for me are the Liquid Gold Rose, the Daily Essential Moisturiser and Triple Action Cleanser.

You can follow Nicola Jane on Instagram.