Jem has sworn-off using a body bar soap as cleanser for good. Not just because #mumlife happened (her words), but because she learnt about how AHAs and HAs can evolve skin health. Whether you have a 10-step routine or perform a simple cleanse day and night, good skin has to be more than just the products you choose to put on it; it’s about being healthy, staying hydrated and getting your beauty sleep.

This interview is part of our ‘Lessons in Loving Your Skin’ series, where we sit down with friends of Alpha-H to understand what ageing authentically really means to them.


Give us a little insight into YOU; where are you right now, what are you doing, what are you passionate about.

Currently planning a wedding to marry the father of my two lovely children, who is my high school sweetheart and my best friend’s brother. We are also on our journey to purchasing our first home. I have been in the Jewellery industry for 10 years and have also been  sharing my love of beauty, lifestyle and home styling on my Instagram, juthamat_by_jem. One of the things I’m passionate about is taking care of my skin. I have neglected my skin in the past and now through research, understanding and listening to my body, I am content with how my skin looks and feels.


Tell us about your earliest memory of looking after your skin?

My earliest memory of looking after my skin was when I became a mother. I realised things changed with my skin being the most noticeable. I became self-aware about my skin and educated myself about the various skincare products on the market. I wasn’t versed on AHA or BHA and had little knowledge of all the other active ingredients in most skincare products. Although I have a good grasp on the products best suited to my skin now, I’m continually learning and being inspired by the evolution of skincare.


Was there a defining moment or product that changed your approach to skincare for good?

Absolutely. It was when I stopped using body bar soaps and started using a dedicated face cleanser. And although my skin improved, it wasn’t until I discovered serums and toners around the age of 24 that my skin began to feel and look clearer and smoother.


Avoid covering up imperfections with thick layers of foundation and not to use body soap bars on my face. I would tell my younger self to embrace who I am and to be authentic in everything I do.


How has your approach changed to looking after your skin from a bright-eyed teenager?

My approach has changed dramatically. I research products thoroughly in order to understand how the active ingredients can affect and benefit my skin. I’ve grown to better understand my skin  and body and this has helped me to take better care of my skin.


What does “ageing authentically” mean to you?

It means to embrace my natural features with confidence. Knowing that ageing is beautiful and graceful, embracing this mentally will hopefully impact how I look and feel as I age. Taking care of myself is a priority and the positive habits that I am forming now will carry on throughout the rest of my life.


When you are looking to add a new product to your routine, what changes do you look for in your skin?

Definitely fullness and radiant skin. Skin that looks balanced and rested. Improved texture is, however, the most important change I look for. Products that keep my skin hydrated and balanced feature heavily in my daily skincare routine.


Why is keeping and maintaining hydration in your skin important?

Maintaining hydration ensures my skin looks healthy and natural. I am prone to dryness and dullness when tired and exhausted (#mumlife), so having products that help breathe life into my skin is amazing; helping me to feel confident without having to apply makeup to cover it up.


When you think of Hyaluronic Acid, what comes to mind?

The first thing that comes to my mind is this ingredient is going to penetrate and hydrate deep into my skin. My skin feels hydrated and the water retention properties help my skin to look and feel refreshed. I would encourage everyone to learn more about the benefits of Hyaluronic Acid and how it can positively impact their skin. I have noticed a dramatic change in my skin since including it into my daily skincare routine.


What is something you wish every woman knew about herself?

You are more than just beautiful, you are uniquely you inside and out and that is incredible. I would encourage every woman to embrace who they are and to chase their dreams.


Take us through your routines – what Alpha-H products do you reach for or elements of your routine you must follow (i.e. double cleanse with a cream cleanser, serums every second night, etc.)


When I rise in the morning, I love using something that’s going to give me that hydrated look and feel, and this is when I apply Hyaluronic 8 serum followed by an eye cream together with a soothing face lotion. I always apply sun protection if heading outdoors.


At the end of the day – on my makeup days – I love using makeup wipes and eye makeup remover to take off my makeup. I use a foaming cleanser followed by a Balancing Cleanser. Once a week, my must-have toner to deliver a skin revamp is the iconic Liquid Gold. In the evenings, I like to use a rich Vitamin C serum. I apply this and leave it on my skin for about 10 minutes before applying my eye cream and nighttime lotion.


Skin is more than just…

Eating healthy, staying hydrated and getting adequate sleep each night. Skincare products are complimentary to the care you show your body!


You can connect with Jem on her Instagram @juthamat_by_jem for a peek into her everyday life, the latest products she is using and how she can arrange one room in a million beautiful ways. (You’ll understand when you check it out!).