Trial Triber Aleena used our new Clear Skin Tonic for seven days. Each of our Trial Tribe members chosen to test this product were asked to take a series of photos and provide us with their honest thoughts. This first image is of Aleena’s starting point.

Below you can find her review and products (no editing of either by us).



First Day:

Upon opening you can smell the Eucalyptus scent of the tonic. It’s refreshing and gets you excited to try the product!

The tonic applied easily and comfortably. It was so similar in consistency to the Alpha-H Liquid Gold that I was expecting a tingle! It dries down quickly and calms the redness/inflammation surprisingly fast. My pimples tingled after a minute, but it was not uncomfortable. I knew then the product was working on unblocking them. I was surprised by how quickly the tonic gets to work!


The Following Day:

The thing I noticed immediately was my pores were cleaner and appeared smaller. It was such a huge difference that I was surprised by this tonic yet again! My complexion was noticeably brighter and not as oily as it usually is in the mornings.

Image: Aleena the following day


During the Week:

The tonic was drawing blackheads to the surface like no tomorrow! Even though it caused some breakouts, they also healed quickly. Once they healed the skin was left smooth and with no bumps under the skin that I usually have. This result is something I have been trying to accomplish for years and in one week, I am well on my way to achieving it with the Clear Skin Tonic.



My skin is brighter, pores are cleaner and less visible. Oil production has slowed down as well leaving my face less shiny.

This tonic is an all guns blazing, take no prisoners kind of product. In one day it had already started to pull the blockages in my pores to the surface without aggravating my sensitive skin. Amazing! I will be repurchasing this tonic. It is my new staple next to my Liquid Gold!

Image: Aleena after a week of using Clear Skin Tonic