Meet Kate. Kate is part of our Trial Tribe, having trialed our Clear Skin Regime for 8 weeks. Kate’s skin type was combination with an ongoing cycle of persistent breakouts particularly in the chin and jawline areas.  Her routine included:  


  • Balancing Cleanser  
  • Clear Skin Daily Hydrator Gel 
  • Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 50+  


  • 1st Cleanse: Balancing Cleanser 
  • 2nd Cleanse: Clear Skin Daily Face Wash 
  • Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel  
  • Vitamin B Serum  

On alternate evenings after cleansing instead of Vitamin B Serum Kate applied Clear Skin Tonic. She simply applied this to a cotton pad, wiped gently over her skin and left on overnight.  


Once a week, Kate applied the Clear Skin Blemish Control Mask for 10 minutes.  

At the start of her trial, we asked Kate to take a series of photos so we could track her progress.  

Here is Kate at the start of her trial.

Alpha-H Skincare image

She said, “I am feeling excited and motivated to get my skin under control. It’s been in the too hard basket for too long now and taking the first steps with Alpha-H is exciting prospect.” 

Throughout the 8-week trial, Kate tracked her journey with photographs and shared her honest thoughts on the products and the changes she saw within her skin.  



“I was surprised with the simplicity of the routine, not too many products and they all felt light on the skin.” 

How is your skin feeling?  

Smooth! Really smooth. It is soft to touch and is feeling less agitated – I do think my skin was a little more inflamed than usual upon commencing the routine but after a week’s use it felt calmer, less itchy (less enticing to itch). 

Can you notice any differences/improvements in your skin?  

Yes! There is definitely a reduction in redness in the breakout areas around my chin, the pimples themselves are still there but some just red, raised parts of the skin have subsided a bit. In general, the area is feeling smoother (less bumps along the skin that don’t necessarily look like acne on the skin surface). 

What are you loving about the products so far? Do you have a favourite? 

The Clear Skin Daily Hydrator Gel is a winner. It feels like a high-quality product that is a little miracle worker. Any dryness or tightness feels better after application, and it is really good under makeup.  

I also love the Clear Skin Blemish Control Mask! My favourite part is it’s just 10mins waiting time – that is a big win for me. I also like that it is easy to wash off and it doesn’t make the face feel really tight as it dries. It’s gentle and easy and I don’t know how it’s possible, but it makes my skin feel even softer every time! Love it! 


WEEK 4: 

My skin is feeling good, it’s still smooth and I am finding a significant reduction in the number of new pimples (and any that do come are nowhere near as bad as they used to be!). I am happy with my skin’s progress, and I am enjoying the routine.” 

Alpha-H Skincare image
Week 1
Alpha-H Skincare image
Week 4
Alpha-H Skincare image
Week 8

WEEK 8: 

How Is your skin feeling?  

My face feels clean and fresh! I try not to touch it too much, but it is becoming more enticing!  

Can you notice any differences/improvements in your skin?  

I am noticing less dramatic change at the moment, looking back on the photos I can see there is still a reduction in redness and there are definitely less bumps. I still have a little way to go until my chin area is totally clear but then I must remind myself it’s come this far in just 8 short weeks!

Before & After

Alpha-H Skincare image
Alpha-H Skincare image
Alpha-H Skincare image