In case you haven’t heard, vitamin serums are the business when it comes to skincare. Vitamins A, B, C and E are essential for fighting free radicals, clearing dark spots, minimising fine lines, soothing irritation, increasing luminosity and increasing our defense against UV light. And, while eating a nutrient dense diet will help, only a very small amount of orally ingested vitamins actually reach the skin. Think of our Vitamin Profiling Collection as your Vitamin Wardrobe – reach for whichever your skin is missing on any given day.

Each Vitamin has a feather light texture so will layer beautifully under any other skincare or makeup. It’s just like giving your skin a big green smoothie  – whenever it needs a little boost.

As the weather changes throughout the year, it’s important to bolster your skincare routine with some hardworking actives. We advise using Vitamin C daily in the morning to help prevent UV and environmental damage, then alternating between Vitamin B morning and/or evening and, E and A at night – depending on what your skin needs most that day. To help you decode your skin’s needs and for our best tips on how you can incorporate a little skin nutrition into your beauty routine, check out the short videos you’ll find in the how-to section for each product.

A is for 'Authentic Ageing'

To keep skin looking radiant and youthful you should boost your diet with plenty of omega 3 – rich fish and foods high in vitamin such as sweet potatoes, carrots, dark leafy greens, capsicum and tropical fruits. When it comes to skincare, always apply your anti-agers at night when your skin is in repair mode. Make skin sing with this transformative Retinol-based serum. Best used overnight, this antioxidant-rich formula exfoliates, hydrates and accelerates skin renewal for truly luminous skin. Gently press Vitamin A serum into dry skin after cleansing with gentle patting motions, then let it absorb before applying your normal moisturiser. Did you know that approximately 10 minutes of sunlight will destroy 90% of the vitamin A stored in our skin? It takes more than 24 hours to restore normal levels, so you really need to top that up regularly.

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B is for 'Building Moisture'

Dry or dehydrated skin can look older than it actually is. Obviously drinking water is the first piece of the puzzle – we need at least 2 litres. Try carrying a one litre bottle with you through the day and making sure to fill it twice. Then look for a serum that is loaded with hydrating superstar niacinamide like Alpha-H Vitamin B serum. Revive your complexion with this genius blend of B vitamins. With the help of complementary actives such as Copper Tripeptides and Hyaluronic Acid, this nutritional powerhouse replenishes moisture levels and encourages cellular regeneration for healthy, luminous skin. Pop it on morning or evening whenever your skin needs a moisture boost. The brand tested it and found that it significantly increases moisture levels in the skin.

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C is for 'Clarity Enhancing'

Is your skin showing signs of time spent outside? We love exercising outdoors – Most people use sunscreen but you should never go outside without using a topical antioxidant in the morning before applying sunscreen. Not only is vitamin C an amazing skin-shield against environmental aggressors, it can help suppress melanin production that leads to pigmentation. Adding Vitamin C serum into your morning routine will help bolster your UV protection. The ultimate way to boost and brighten, this hydrating serum combines new generation Vitamin C technology with botanical extracts to deliver superior antioxidant support to skin which lacks clarity and collagen. While orange juice will help your internal levels of the big C, topical Vitamin C is 20 times more effective than the oral form in terms of skin care.

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E is for 'Emergency Rescue'

If your skin is stressed due to sensitivity, sunburn, breakouts or rosacea you need to call in the big guns – a.k.a Vitamin E. Rescue stressed skin with this loving, lightweight serum. Formulated with innovative Vitamin E derivative Vital ET™, this nourishing treatment nurtures, calms and fortifies dry, damaged and sensitive skin. Vitamin E is proven to reduce inflammatory damage, which is a catalyst to extrinsic skin ageing. So not only are you minimising redness and irritation but you’re fighting the fine line war, too.

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