Alpha-H Ageing Mature Skin Care

Ageing/Mature Skincare Routine

Ageing and mature skins requires extra nourishment and advanced treatments. Try this routine to give your skin the boost it needs, and age on your own terms.


For ageing and mature skins, your morning routine should be about protecting your skin from the day ahead. Begin by cleansing with Balancing Cleanser to return your skin to its optimum pH and nurture your lipid barrier.

Follow with Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream which will reduce dark shadows and discolouration, tighten the eye lids, relax lines and wrinkle depth, and illuminate the eye area. Vitamin C then inhibits the production of melanin, helping to protect against and reduce skin pigmentation.

Round out your morning routine with Daily Essential Moisturiser With SPF; SPF is the ultimate defence against skin ageing.


Of an evening, the aim of the game is to wash away the day, and ensure you are removing dead skin cells which can build up, leaving you looking dull and older than you feel.

Begin your evening routine by double cleansing with Balancing Cleanser; one application to remove any makeup and/or grime from the day, and the second to ensure it’s all completely gone, and return your skin to its optimum pH. As its name suggests, our Gentle Daily Exfoliant is suitable for use every day as it is non-abrasive. This enzymatic exfoliant works like a little “Pac-Man”, digesting the dead skin which has built up on your skin.

Next up is Liquid Gold Firming Eye Cream again, for the same reasons as the morning.

Your final step will vary on alternating evenings; on one evening, apply Vitamin A to regenerate your skin and reduce discolouration, fine lines and blemishes. On the alternate evening use Liquid Gold 24 Hour Moisture Repair Cream, which combines deep moisturising with a chemical exfoliant to smooth the skin and rebuild its scaffolding.

Tip: Up your anti-ageing game by using a specialised mask once a week. For ageing and mature skin, we recommend Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask

Would you like further advice or assistance building your routine? Our highly trained therapists are here to help! Contact us on live chat, submit a consultation card, or request a live online skin consultation to get personalised, complementary advice for your unique needs and concerns.

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