Alpha-H Acne Skin Care

Oily/Problematic Adult Skincare Routine

Adult acne typically arises on the U-zone (along the jawline and lower face). It is important to treat problematic skin correctly as scarring can become a major concern if treated incorrectly.


Start your day with Triple Action Cleanser. Containing powerful natural antibacterial ingredient Thyme, this non-foaming cleanser helps to minimise excess oil on the skin, keeping breakouts in check.

Follow your cleanse with Absolute Eye Complex to reduce any puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, and plump fine lines.

Daily Essential Moisturiser With SPF rounds out your morning routine. This light-textured moisturiser is perfect for those with oily skin as it is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores.


Wash away the day’s makeup, grime and oil by double cleansing with Triple Action Cleanser. The first cleanse removes these pore-clogging substances, while the second ensures your skin is squeaky clean, and gets it back to its ideal pH.

Three times a week, follow your cleanse with Micro Cleanse Super Scrub to slough away excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells which can cause breakouts if they are allowed to clog the entry to your pore.

Next up, revitalise your skin and refine surface irregularities by applying Vitamin A 0.5%.

Round your routine our with Balancing Moisturiser And Gentle Exfoliant to normalise your skin’s oil balance, reduce excess sebum, refine and unblock pores and fight acne causing bacteria.

Tip: Clear out congestion with a weekly clay mask to refine pores and bring clarity to troublesome skin. Our Balancing and Pore Refining Mask is a great choice.

Would you like further advice or assistance building your routine? Our highly trained therapists are here to help! Contact us on live chat, submit a consultation card, or request a live online skin consultation to get personalised, complementary advice for your unique needs and concerns.

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