Alpha-H Premature Ageing Skin Care

Premature Ageing Skincare Routine

The biggest signs of prematurely aged skin include a decrease in the production of collagen and elastin, loss of elasticity, decrease or change in colour, fine wrinkling, thinning of layers and increased sensitivity. It is important to note the causes of premature ageing in order to prevent further damage from occurring. Over-exposure to the sun’s UV rays is the major contributor to premature ageing so remember to always protect your skin with a high protection SPF. Try this routine to help repair existing damage and prevent future damage.


Get your day off of to the right start by cleansing with Balancing Cleanser to return your skin to its optimum pH and set it in balance for the rest of your day.

Next apply Absolute Eye Complex to lift and perfect the delicate skin around your eyes, and combat puffiness, dark circles and lines.

Follow up with Vitamin C to inhibit your skin’s production of melanin and help to protect against and reduce skin pigmentation.

Once your Vitamin C is touch dry, massage in a couple of drops of Hyaluronic 8 into the skin to flash fill, plump and instantly hydrate your skin both internally and externally. It’s like a dermal filler, but with no needles in sight.

Last, but certainly not least, apply Protection Plus Daily SPF50+. Applying SPF every day is the single most effective way to fight the signs of ageing, and this lightly tinted moisturiser with SPF perfectly blends nourishment and protection.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evening

Begin your evening routine by double cleansing with Balancing Cleanser. The first cleanse will remove the bulk of the day’s makeup and/or grime, while the second will ensure it is all gone and your skin is returned to its ideal pH level.

Next is Absolute Eye Complex, for the same reasons you applied it in the morning.

Round out your routine by applying Liquid Gold, avoiding the delicate eye area. Featuring Glycolic Acid, this cult favourite chemical exfoliant is lauded for its abilities to resurface the skin, boost moisture levels, reduce the depth of wrinkles, as well as clarify and brighten your complexion overall.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday Evening

Begin by cleansing your skin with Balancing Cleanser.

Once your skin is dry, gently massage in your Absolute Eye Complex.

Finish off your evening routine with Essential Hydration Cream to deeply nourish and moisturise your skin.

Once or Twice a Week

Follow your cleanse by exfoliating with Micro Cleanse Super Scrub to manually slough away dirt, sebum and other particulates which have built up in your pores.

Tip: Dry skin ages faster than hydrated skin. Keep skin plump and hydrated by adding a few drops of Essential Hydration Concentrate to your Essential Hydration Cream, and really turn up the moisture.

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