Alpha-H Sensitive Skin Care

Skincare Routine For Sensitive/Rosacea Skin

Due to lower tolerance levels, sensitive or sensitised skins react to certain trigger factors (changes in climate, unsuitable cosmetic products, some foods, medical treatments, dermatological treatments, stress, etc.) which can cause redness, tightening of the skin, tingling, inflammation and discomfort. Read more about sensitive and sensitised skins.

Although it is initially isolated and intermittent, this redness can become permanent, in which case it is known as rosacea. Rosacea generally requires a prescription from a medical professional, but non-AHA Alpha-H products for sensitive skin are generally well tolerated by those suffering from rosacea.


Calm your skin and get it in perfect pH balance for the day with Balancing Cleanser. Rich in Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, this rich and creamy cleanser repairs the skin’s acid mantle and will not strip its natural oils.

Follow your cleanse with Absolute Eye Complex to soothe, firm, refresh and rehydrate the super delicate skin around the eye.

Gently smooth a couple of drops of Vitamin B serum over your skin, avoiding the eye and lip area. This silky and hydrating serum helps to heal, improve microcirculation and repair the skin’s lipid bilayers.

Round out your morning routine by adding the moisture and anti-ageing benefits of Protection Plus Daily SPF50+. Silky and mattifying, Protection Plus Daily SPF50+ is also a great base under makeup.


Wash away the day’s grime and irritants with a double cleanse using Balancing Cleanser. The first application will remove any dirt, bacteria and/or makeup, while the second ensures anything which could upset your skin is completely gone, and the second will return your skin to its optimum natural pH to help retain the integrity of the lipid barrier.

Next step is to very gently exfoliate the skin to remove any built-up dead skin cells so your subsequent treatments are penetrating into the deeper layers of the fresh new skin underneath, ensuring they are as effective as possible. Gentle Daily Exfoliant is an enzymatic exfoliant; it is zero abrasion, so can exfoliate even the most sensitive of skins without causing any harm and is suitable for use every evening if you wish. If you would prefer, you could incorporate this step into your second cleanse with Balancing Cleanser.

Once you’ve patted your skin dry, apply Absolute Eye Complex, before smoothing Vitamin E over your face, neck and décolletage. Vitamin E is well known for its healing properties, and its perfect for nurturing sensitive skins and restoring radiance.

Complete your routine with Essential Hydration Cream. This soothing and aromatic non-Glycolic formula brings instant comfort to irritated skins, and works to nourish, protect and repair.

Tip: Of an evening, cleanse with Essential Cleansing Balm twice a week to add extra nourishment and repair. For an added boost, you can even massage some of this luxurious balm into the cleansed skin and leave it on overnight.

Would you like further advice or assistance building your routine? Our highly trained therapists are here to help! Contact us on live chat, submit a consultation card, or request a live online skin consultation to get personalised, complementary advice for your unique needs and concerns.

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