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Cica: the new skincare super ingredient?

In the health and beauty industry, it feels like there is forever new ingredients being discovered and lauded for their perceived benefits. Some of them are a flash in the pan, forgotten seemingly as suddenly as they appeared, but others pack true benefits which see them become new staples. Cica, also known as Centella Asiatica or Gotu Kola, would appear to be one of the latter.

What is Cica?

Cica is a herb which is rich in antioxidants and has been used in the ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine system to treat conditions such as psoriasis and eczema for centuries. It also features in Chinese medicine, in which it is known as Ji Xue Cao. Native to Asian wetlands, Cica is commonly used across the Asian continent both for medicinal purposes and in cuisine. You can even try it in drinks in Thailand, India and Vietnam!

Why use Cica in skincare?

First and foremost, Cica is known for its healing properties. Don’t just take our word for it though; in India it has been nicknamed “tiger grass” because wounded tigers will seek it out and roll around in it for its healing properties. If it’s good enough for a tiger…

Cica’s wound healing prowess comes from its ability to boost circulation as well as the production of collagen in your skin, and it’s an anti-inflammatory. This then assists in expediting the healing process, as well as reducing scarring.

Of course, the boost in collagen then has the flow-on effect of anti-ageing benefits. In fact, one ancient Chinese legend purports that Tai Chi Chuan master Li Ching-Yun lived to the ripe old age of 256, which was credited in part to Cica.

To top it all off, Cica is also known to have anti-microbial properties, which could help if you are suffering from skin congestion and breakouts.

How can I add Cica to my skincare regime?

It’s ok, you don’t need to trek to Asia and follow tigers around to find this potent little herb. Alpha-H’s Multivitamin Super Cream contains Cica.

Together with Cica’s healing, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, Multivitamin Super Cream also features potent doses of Vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as powerful antioxidant Green Tea. To top it all off, this silicon-free formulation also features a molecular complex known as PatcH₂0™, which has been proven to boost hydration levels in the skin for up to 48 hours. Moisture is key to healthy skin function at a cellular level; by ensuring your skin is kept moist, you boost its natural defences and help to slow the ageing process.

Who should try skincare products which contain Cica?

Our Multivitamin Super Cream, which contains Cica, is an excellent choice for anyone with dehydrated skin which is showing signs of premature ageing.

It is suitable for application both morning and evening, and provides excellent benefits for anyone who may have redness due to burst capillaries.

Is there anyone who shouldn’t use Cica skincare products?

There is no specific conditions which Cica as an ingredient isn’t suitable for. However, as our Multivitamin Super Cream contains Vitamin A, this particular product is not suitable for use by pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.

If you’re unsure about the best choice to suit your unique skincare needs, feel free to contact us via live chat or request a Live Skin Consultation to receive personalised advice for your unique circumstances.