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Alpha-H Absolute Eye Lip Skin Care


Alpha-H’s Absolute collection is specifically aimed at treating the delicate skin found around our eyes and on our lips.

The lips are one of the most sensitive areas of the body, with a million nerve endings, but no defensive membrane for protection. They also have no sweat or sebaceous glands, both of which play a crucial role in moisturisation. Our lips become thinner as we age as collagen levels decrease and sun damage takes its toll. This reduced production of collagen also means your lips gradually lose their plumpness.

Likewise, the skin around our eyes is considerably thinner than the skin on other areas of our face to allow it greater flexibility. Due to the thin and delicate nature of this skin, it should never be exposed to harsh ingredients which could damage it, and definitely requires SPF protection during the day.

Discover the Absolute range of eye and lip treatments below.  If you would like help selecting the best product to help you achieve you skin goals, please get in contact. Alpha-H is pleased to offer our customers the option to receive personalised advice through live chat and live online skincare consultations.

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