Alpha-H Beauty Sleep Skin Care

Beauty Sleep

Does anyone really get enough “beauty sleep” these days? Our lives are busy, often stress-filled, and that bedside clock ticks metronomically. Yet sleep is so crucial to our body – particularly our skin.

When we sleep (or try to), the skin switches into repair and renewal mode. During this time, cell regeneration is accelerated, the skin’s metabolic rate peaks, it makes new collagen and toxins are expelled. All of these are crucial factors which hold the ageing process at bay.

Alpha-H created the Beauty Sleep collection to mimic and support these processes – to recharge your skin’s batteries – when it can’t get enough recovery time of its own. The range is also incredibly simple to incorporate into your existing skincare routine, or lack thereof, as you simply apply it before bed, and then sleep on it.

Beauty Sleep stops your skin becoming too “comfortable”, because comfortable skin is lazy skin, and lazy skin ages faster.

Wondering which product are best suited to your skin? Alpha-H is pleased to offer our customers access to personalised advice from our highly trained therapists via live chat and live online skin consultations.

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