Byrdie | September, 2019

Dry Skin Is Really Annoying – Here’s How To Ditch It.

Dry skin is nothing short of a nuisance, and it tends to come creeping in when you least expect it, meddling with your makeup and wiping out that glow you worked so hard to achieve in one fell swoop.

Step 1: Go Back to Basics
The first step in your dry skin mission is to rethink the way you view skincare. Yes, you might have a problem you’re trying to fix, but that doesn’t mean you should just throw every product that comes your way onto your face. “Less is more when dealing with dry skin,” echoes Bolder.

Step 2: Exfoliation
“Exfoliating the flaky skin cells on the surface is recommended, as they are dead and need to be removed,” explains Bolder. Here is where your gritty exfoliators come in…The next day, it’s time to introduce glycolic acid.

“After the skin has settled from the scrub, wipe a glycolic toner, such as Alpha-H Liquid Gold over your skin using a cotton pad to help to lift and remove any further dead skin cells and help to smooth out the surface”

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