Into The Gloss | October 2019

The Best Beauty Products, All Made By Women

For the month of October, Jennifer DaSilva pledged to only wear products from brands helmed by women—clothes, shoes, makeup, you name it. “There’s really no better way to show my support than through my own wallet,” she tells me a few weeks ago over email.

Extreme? Yes, of course. But also, by DaSilva’s example, totally possible—though she says it’s been more difficult than expected. “The hardest part of the challenge has been the search process. I found myself relying on Google a lot,” she explains.

It made me wonder: how hard would switching just my beauty routine to women-founded brands really be?

To shop women-founded skincare, all I needed to do was take my pick of the many aestheticians we’ve featured on ITG—Shani Darden, Renée Rouleau, and so many others who really know their skin stuff. I managed to keep my routine pretty similar: a gentle cleanser, AHAs and BHAs, powerfully targeted serums, and plush moisturizers.

Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask

Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask

Liquid Gold Ultimate Perfecting Mask is an advanced home peel which clears and refines pores, reinvigorates collagen production and draws moisture to the surface of the skin. Get the Liquid Gold effect, in just 10 minutes!

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