Vogue | January 2018

From AHA to BHA, all you need to know about exfoliating with acids.

Skincare enthusiasts and beauty industry insiders have long been reaping the glow-boosting benefits of chemical exfoliants, bulk-buying the cult formulations of Biologique Recherche, Alpha-H and Paula’s Choice among others. Now though, with the arrival of Glossier Solution and Ren Ready Steady Glow, a new generation of acid exfoliators have hit the mainstream. This, along with the arrival of the long-awaited ban on microbeads, makes acids the best route to a smooth skin surface and a healthy glow.

Another glycolic-based formula, Alpha-H Liquid Gold has a five per cent concentration, getting rid of dead skin cells as well as stimulating collagen production. It’s pretty potent, so make sure to build up usage slowly. A true skin rejuvenator.

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Alpha-H Skin Care Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold

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