best cleanser

Meet your perfect cleansing match!

Has your skin been on a few too many dud dates in the search for your perfect cleanser? We’ve played match-maker for skin types and concerns with our range of skin-loving cleansers to help you in the search for your skin’s soulmate.

Alpha-H cleansers

Best cleanser for normal skin

Normal isn’t just a setting on the dryer! If your skin is pretty dependable and easy-going with very minimal concerns, you’ll match perfectly with either our Balancing Cleanser or our Triple Action Cleanser. But which is perfect for you? That’s probably going to just come down to personal preference. If you like a milky cleanser, go for Balancing. If you’re more into gel, go for Triple Action.

Best cleanser for sensitive skin

If your skin has a tendency to lash out in anger when it’s unhappy, you can soothe and repair its delicate ego (well, lipid barrier) with either Balancing Cleanser or Essential Cleansing Balm. Balancing Cleanser is a lightweight, milky solution, where Essential Cleansing Balm is rich, velvety and super soothing.

Best cleanser for dehydrated skin

Whether you’ve been busy and forgotten to moisturise, spent too much time in the air con, or been acting a little like a college student on spring break, all of these can leave your skin thirsty and feeling neglected. Show it you still care with either Balancing Cleanser or Essential Cleansing Balm.

Best cleanser for true dry skin

There’s dehydration, and then there’s true dry skin; it’s constantly dry due to its inability to produce the oils it needs to stay hydrated, not just a little upset because you’ve been neglecting it. Essential Cleansing Balm is packed full of essential oils to replenish moisture while you cleanse. You can even use it as an intensive overnight balm, so your skin will really feel the love.

Best cleanser for combination dry skin

Do you have combination skin which is prone to some dry patches? Your perfect match is Balancing Cleanser thanks to its ability to soothe the dryness and bring balance to the pH of your skin as a whole.

Best cleanser for combination oily skin

If your skin is “normal” in some areas, but seems to freak out and oil slick in others, Triple Action Cleanser is going to be the Netflix to its chill. This non-foaming gel cleanser keeps your skin’s pH in check, while also helping to minimise excess oil, all without leaving your skin dry or feeling stripped. #winning

Best cleanser for oily skin

Ever joked you might need to report an oil spill to the Environmental Protection Agency if you go for a swim? Oily skin can be a harsh mistress, but with the help of Triple Action Cleanser, you’ll be kissing those shiny days goodbye. Not only does it help to minimise the amount of sebum your sebaceous glands are producing (that’s the oil), but it also keeps your skin in its pH happy zone without stripping it.

Best cleanser for oily / problematic skin

If your skin takes your excessive oil to heart semi-regularly, suddenly freaking out and punishing you with a patch of pimples, Triple Action Cleanser or Clear Skin Daily Face and Body Wash are your perfect antidotes.

Best cleanser for mature / pigmented skin

If it’s definitely not your first rodeo, or your skin is pigmented, we’d like you to meet Liquid Gold Resurfacing Cleansing Cream. This baby harnesses the power of Liquid Gold and brings it to your cleansing routine, boosting cellular regeneration and leaving your skin smoother, brighter and plumper.

Best cleanser for gym junkies

If you’re hitting the gym hard, don’t let the salt content of your sweat leave your skin way out of pH balance, and just an unhappy little camper in general. Triple Action Cleanser’s gel consistency and cooling properties are the perfect way to wash away your workout and keep your skin glowing.

Best cleanser for removing eye makeup

If you love nothing more than winged eyeliner and a good smoky eye, but are over finding remnants of it smeared all over your pillowcase the next day no matter how much you’ve tried to remove it, Balancing Cleanser is going to be your bestie. Creamy, non-foaming, and super gentle, it’s the perfect multi-tasker to remove all traces of both your face and eye makeup.

Best cleanser for body breakouts

Do you break out in places other than your face? Chest and body blemishes don’t have to be something you just grin and bear; our Clear Skin Daily Face and Body Wash is ideal for tackling breakouts all over, from your face cheeks right through to your butt cheeks.

I’m still not sure which cleanser I need!

Don’t stress (seriously, that can make you break out…)! Complete a consultation card or request a live online skin consultation and one of our highly trained therapists will help you to find your perfect cleansing match.