Liquid Gold by Alpha-H

Eye and Lip

Protect and perfect the delicate skin around your eyes and on your lips.

When compared to the skin elsewhere on your face and body, the skin found around your eyes and on your lips is considerably thinner, and therefore far more delicate. As such, both these areas require far more careful and considered treatments.

At Alpha-H, our principle for treating the delicate skin around the eyes is exfoliation through the fast action of flower acids which are sourced from Hibiscus flowers and Caviar Lime. While many exfoliants are too harsh for use on the delicate skin in this area, the next generation AHA found within these resurfaces without irritation, helping to reduce “bags” under the eyes and treat dehydration, helping to reduce the appearance of ageing.

With millions of nerve endings, but no defensive membrane to protect them, our lips are one of the most sensitive areas of our bodies. Lacking sweat and sebaceous glands, the physiological makeup of our lips allows moisture to rapidly evaporate, meaning they dry out very quickly and easily. Our natural reaction to this is to lick our lips, yet this actually exacerbates the issue. Add to this the toll of decreasing collagen and repeated sun exposure as we age, and it’s easy to see why our lips need proper protection.

Alpha-H’s unique approach to protecting and revitalising the delicate skin on our lips and around the eyes provide results you’re sure to love. If you would like personalised help choosing the best treatment for your unique needs, contact us via live chat or request a live online skin consultation.

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