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Eye and Lip

Protect and nourish your delicate lip and eye areas.

A well-rounded beauty regime should include attention to and nourishment of our delicate lip and eye areas – not least because it’s often these areas that first exhibit signs of dehydration and fatigue.

At Alpha-H, we believe in gentle exfoliation of the thin and delicate area around the eyes through resurfacing flower acids, sourced from the likes of Hibiscus Flower and Caviar Lime. The next-generation alpha hydroxy acids found in these extracts work to reduce the appearance of dark circles and under-eye shadows without irritating the skin. 

Super sensitive to touch with over one million nerve endings, the physiological makeup of our lips allows moisture to rapidly evaporate, which often translates to dry, flaky lips – the opposite of that plump and pillowy goal. Coupled with decreasing collagen and constant exposure to environmental factors and it’s easy to see why our lip area needs dedicated skincare. Alpha-H lip products put a premium on hydration and conditioning, and can help to boost the production of collagen. 

Our lip and eye treatments: 

  • gently exfoliate and restore moisture to diminish the appearance of ageing 
  • are cleanly formulated (free from SLS and parabens)  
  • are cruelty-free 

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