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Alpha-H understands that skincare doesn’t stop with your face.

Did you know that your skin is actually your single largest organ? Covering almost every inch of us from head to toe, this vital organ is often overlooked. In fact, even your body will overlook it by prioritising nutrients for its internal organs.

Obviously, it’s quite a hardy organ, being exposed to the elements day in, day out. With time though, the toll of environmental impacts begin to show.

Outside the skin on our faces, much of the rest of the skin on our bodies is often covered, meaning it is entirely different and requires specialised care. For example, as the skin on your body contains fewer sebaceous glands, it will be less oily, but conversely, dryness may be a more prominent problem. As a result of these two factors, natural exfoliation is significantly reduced on your body, which can culminate in thicker, scalier and dryer skin.

Of course, the skin on our hands is another story again, thicker, hairless and ridged, allowing them the endure far more friction and wear than other areas.

Having smooth, soft and youthful skin is something you want from head to toe, not just for your face. That’s why Alpha-H has created a range of products which address the needs of the skin all over our bodies, helping you to maintain an all-over glow. Luxurious and Australian made and owned, our hand and body skincare range has been specially formulated with the very best ingredients to help you achieve your best skin yet, stimulating circulation and hydrating every inch of your skin.

You can explore our hand and body skincare products range below. Contact us via live chat, or request a live online skin consultation to ask any questions you might have regarding the suitability of a product for your unique skin needs.

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