Liquid Gold by Alpha-H


Alpha-H’s skincare kits are the perfect way to start your journey.

Are you unsure where to start your Alpha-H journey? We have created a range of kits which contain products carefully chosen to meet the needs of specific skin types. Or, if you simply wish to trial a variety of different products, why not try our 5 Piece Sampler Kit which allows you to pick and mix the products you want.

Each kit contains miniature versions of our concentrated cosmeceutical skincare solutions, making them the perfect way to trial different products. Furthermore, as each product is under 100ml, they are also the perfect size to take travelling with you as they meet airport security guidelines.

All Alpha-H products are free of SLS, and we do not conduct any animal testing.

If you would like personalised advice on which products might be best suited to your unique needs, contact us via live chat or request a live online skin consultation.

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