Liquid Gold by Alpha-H

Masks and Peels

Indulge in ‘me time’ which packs some serious skin benefits.

Make your masking minutes count! Beyond being an amazing way to indulge in a little “me time”, masks and peels also provide excellent benefits to help supercharge your skincare ritual. Rather than being an everyday treatment, masks and peels are normally best used once a week; the perfect Saturday or Sunday afternoon indulgence.

Alpha-H’s masks and peels have been carefully and scientifically formulated to provide you with the maximum benefits for your skin, ensuring you are left with a glow.

Featuring clinically-proven both active and nourishing ingredients, our masks and peels can help you to address a range of skin complaints, including congestion, breakouts, pigmentation and dryness. Or they simply help you to get that Insta-ready glow. No matter what you’re trying to achieve, there’s sure to be a mask or peel to suit your skin goals.

To receive personalised advice on which mask or peel could give you the benefits you’ve been searching for, contact us via live chat or request a live online skin consultation

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