Alpha-H Liquid Gold Skin Care


Quench thirsty skin with Alpha-H’s range of hydrating mists.

Is your skin in need of a moisture infusion? Alpha-H has created a range of mists to give you the hydration boost your skin wants! Whether you’re seeking a simple hydration top up after a long-haul flight or you’ve had a little too much fun in the sun, our mists have been carefully formulated to deliver the nutrients your skin needs to bounce back to hydrated happiness.

Packed full of highly effective and nourishing ingredients including Vitamins and even pollution protectants, our mists provide far more than just a cool spritz of hydration for your skin.

Unsure which of our skin revitalising mists might be best suited to your skin’s hydration needs? For help selecting an Alpha-H mist, please contact us via live chat, our consultation card, or request a live online skin consultation with one of our highly experienced therapists.

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