Liquid Gold by Alpha-H


Calm, repair and balance your skin with our luxurious moisturisers.

When your skin is well moisturised, it’s at its healthiest and able to functional normally at a cellular level. Without the presence of water, cellular activity cannot happen, so if the skin is irritated or damaged, it cannot be repaired until moisture loss is stopped and the lipid barrier is stabilised. As such, by keeping the skin moisturised, all its natural defences are enhanced, and the natural ageing process is slowed.

At Alpha-H we are committed to creating genius skincare products which help you to achieve your healthiest skin yet, and we believe that moisture is a key element in this. Our carefully engineered formulations feature nourishing and hydrating ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, vitamins and antioxidants to deliver calming and repairing benefits to your skin, helping it to be the very healthiest it can be.

Many people mistakenly believe that oily skins should not be moisturised, but even oily skin can lose moisture through its upper layers and become dehydrated if it’s not treated correctly.

We also produce a range of moisturisers with SPF to help you skin fight back against the environmental factors which can lead to premature ageing.

Not matter your skin type or concern, Alpha-H can help you to find the correct moisturiser to get your skin on track to being the healthiest it has ever been. For personalised advice, contact us via live chat or request a live online skin consultation.

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