Alpha-H Liquid Gold Skin Care


Alpha-H skin perfecting exfoliating tonics include the cult favourite, Liquid Gold.

Alpha-H’s range of tonics includes cult favourite skin resurfacing treatment Liquid Gold. Lauded by beauty editors, makeup artists and #alphaholics around the world, this genius treatment features AHA Glycolic Acid to slough away dead skin cells, leaving fresher, brighter and more evenly toned new skin cells in their place.

Each of the products within our tonics range works in a similar way to Liquid Gold, removing dead skin cells to leave your complexion brighter and clearer. The complementary ingredients and percentages of active ingredients vary to provide benefits to a variety of different skin concerns.

Explore our range of tonics below, or contact us via live chat, request a live online skin consultation, or submit a consultation card for personalised advice on which product might be best suited to your skin’s unique needs and concerns.

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