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Dual Purpose Cleansing Cloth
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Product description

A multi-functional cleansing cloth which has been specifically designed to enhance your cleansing routine. Made of a soft and durable bacteria-resistant fabric which  features a smooth side and a textured side for a more thorough cleanse. Hygienically machine-washable.

This is the ideal companion to any 
Alpha-H cleanser or mask, helping to remove makeup and impurities and great for travel.

All skin types

Bacteria-resistent fabric
Convenient for travel

After you have applied your cleanser, wet down your cloth and remove your make-up. Make sure when you have finished cleansing you hang the cloth over a rail to dry as this will assist in killing any bacteria that may be on the cloth. The cloth will dry to a hard texture but as soon as you apply water it will soften to a lovely spongy texture.

There is 2 sides to your cleansing cloth. The beaded side is a great soft exfoliation on the evenings between any physical exfoliant.

Made with love in Australia