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Skin Concerns

We’re confident that no matter your skin concern, Alpha-H’s considered and comprehensive range can help you achieve your skin goals. 

Alpha-H Skin Care Ageing Mature routine

Ageing Skin

If you have fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead; loss of tone, thickened skin displaying a dull and lifeless complexion, these are all signs of an ageing skin.

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Blemish Prone or Problematic Skin

Break up with breakouts courtesy of our clinical-grade formulas specially designed for blemish-prone complexions. Targeting known causes and their symptoms, these products work to resolve and prevent problematic skin.

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Alpha-H skin care dehydrated skin

Dry Skin

Is you skin dry and tight, easily irritated and slow to heal? Dehydration can affect skin of all types and is caused by a lack of moisture in the epidermal layer. Skin dehydration differs from dry skin in that the latter is caused by your skin not producing enough natural oils.

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Alpha-H Acne Skin Care

Oily Skin

Excessive oil production can wreak havoc on an otherwise gleaming complexion. Experience less shine and more glow with these clinical-grade formulas designed to manage oily skin types.

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Alpha-H open pores skin care

Uneven Texture And Tone

Smooth out your complexion with Alpha-H’s sophisticated range of resurfacing formulas. Designed to gently but effectively address contributing factors like dead skin buildup and pigmentation, the below products can work miracles for uneven skin texture and tone. 

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Alpha-H pigmentation skin care


Pigmentation is a condition that causes the skin to appear lighter or darker than normal. Excessive skin pigmentation is a result of abnormal production and deposition of melanin. Excessive skin pigmentation can arise from a number of causes including UV exposure, hormones, skin trauma, and congenital (existing from birth).

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skincare during pregnancy


The goal is luminosity – the reality is often dull, lifeless-looking skin. Primarily caused by the build-up of excess dead skin cells on the skin’s surface or deficient hydration, Alpha-H’s carefully considered range can help target some of the leading causes of skin dullness.

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Alpha-H sunscreen suncare spf skin care

Sensitive Skin

Whilst many people consider they have sensitive skin, it is important to be aware that there is a difference between sensitive skin and sensitised skin. True sensitive skin is genetic; it is generally thinner and quite fair so will burn easily. Often people with sensitive skin will have northern European heritage.

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