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No matter your skin concern, Alpha-H’s range can help you achieve your skin goals

It is funny how we often we can take our skin for granted when it really is one of nature’s most remarkable creations. Did you know that the average adult’s skin spans nearly 2 square metres, weighs 4kg and contains more than 17km of blood vessels? Your skin is your body’s thermostat – able to release as much as 14 litres of perspiration a day to keep you cool – and thanks to a process called desquamation, it regenerates itself entirely at regular intervals by shedding over 50,000 dead cells a minute.

But this genius creation is also fallible. Your skin is vulnerable to our ever changing environment, UVA-absorption, atmospheric conditions, lifestyle, mood, hormonal-cycle, diet, stress, sleep patterns and the pre-programmed biological ticking clock of mother nature. As such, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to our skin. Instead, it is important to carefully select products based on your unique skin concerns.

If you are unsure as to which products are best suited to your unique needs, we would encourage you to contact us via live chat, a consultation card, or our live skin consultations so we can help you to find the best products to help you achieve your skin goals.

Alpha-H Skin Care Ageing Mature routine

Ageing and Mature Skin

If you have fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead; loss of tone resulting in sagging cheeks, jowls and hooded eyes, thickened skin displaying a dull and lifeless complexion, these are all signs of an ageing and mature skin.

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Alpha-H skin care for combination skin

Combination Skin

Combination skin refers to two skin types affecting the complexion at one time. The most common is dry and flaking skin with an oily t-zone. Find products to help balance your skin.

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Alpha-H skin care dehydrated skin


Is you skin dry and tight, easily irritated and slow to heal? Dehydration can affect skin of all types and is caused by a lack of moisture in the epidermal layer. Skin dehydration differs from dry skin in that the latter is caused by your skin not producing enough natural oils.

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Alpha-H Acne Skin Care


Does your skin have an oily or greasy feel, and appear shiny with enlarged pores and regular outbreaks? It is likely you have oily skin which could be a result of genetics or hormones. While oily skin is commonly associated with teenagers due to the hormonal changes they’re experiencing, it’s certainly not exclusive to this group; there are many adults who still suffer from acne and skin congestion due to their oily skin type throughout their lifetime.

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Alpha-H open pores skin care

Enlarged/Open Pores

Do you have pores which have taken on an ‘open’ or ‘enlarged’ appearance? These are often found through the middle part of the face, and can become blocked and infected, leading to breakouts. That said, open pores are not exclusive to those with oily skin; they may be experienced by any skin type.

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Alpha-H pigmentation skin care


Pigmentation is a condition that causes the skin to appear lighter or darker than normal. Excessive skin pigmentation is a result of abnormal production and deposition of melanin. Excessive skin pigmentation can arise from a number of causes including UV exposure, hormones, skin trauma, and congenital (existing from birth).

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skincare during pregnancy

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Whether you’ve just found out you’re expecting, or you’re currently nursing your new addition, congratulations! Discover the products from our range which are suitable for use during this exciting time.

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Alpha-H premature ageing skin care

Prematurely Aged

Ageing is a natural process, but when this natural process begins to take hold earlier than anticipated leaving you with increased wrinkle depth, uneven skin tone and pigmentation in your late 20s, it can be a little unsettling. Luckily, with the right approach to your skincare, it is possible to address these concerns.

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Alpha-H sunscreen suncare spf skin care

Sensitive Skin

Whilst many people consider they have sensitive skin, it is important to be aware that there is a difference between sensitive skin and sensitised skin. True sensitive skin is genetic; it is generally thinner and quite fair so will burn easily. Often people with sensitive skin will have northern European heritage.

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Alpha-H sun care spf

Sun Protection

Did you know that daily year-round use of sunscreen can significantly slow the skin’s ageing process? SPF is the ultimate anti-ageing cream, and it generally costs a fraction of some of the luxurious ‘miracle creams’ on the market.

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