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Open pores are a concern as they are unsightly enlarged pores which are mostly found through the middle section of the face. It is common for these pores to fill with excess oil and become blocked and infected, resulting in breakouts. Find out how to treat open pores.

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Do you have pores which have taken on an ‘open’ or ‘enlarged’ appearance?

These are often found through the middle part of the face, and can become blocked and infected, leading to breakouts. That said, open pores are not exclusive to those with oily skin; they may be experienced by any skin type.

In reality the term ‘open pores’ is something of a misnomer; all pores are open as they are our skin’s breathing mechanism, and it’s actually not possible to close or shrink them. However, it is possible for your pores to appear enlarged if they have become clogged with dirt, excess oil, bacteria or dead skin cells.

To reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, it is essential to clear the material which has accumulated in them, and there is a number of products which will help with this.

First and foremost, it is essential that you properly cleanse your face twice a day to remove makeup, excess dirt and bacteria. We recommend a double cleanse – applying cleanser to your skin twice each time your cleanse – to ensure your skin is properly cleaned and returned to its ideal pH.

Once we enter our 20s, our skin’s natural exfoliation process begins to slow, meaning dead skin cells remain on the outer layer of our skin for longer and longer. In fact, once you enter your 50s, it’s possible that your skin will be coated with cells which have been dead for up to two months. As such, exfoliation is a key step in the health of your skin, particularly if you are experiencing enlarged pores which could be clogged with these cells. By exfoliating, we remove these dead cells, clear the ‘mouth’ of the pores, and allow subsequent treatments to better penetrate into the depths of our skin. Exfoliants may be manual (containing small particles to resurface the skin), chemical (containing ingredients such as Glycolic Acid to break down the ‘glue’ binding these cells to your skin) or enzymatic (these ‘digest’ dead cells, almost like a little Pac-Man, and are great for sensitive skins). Read more about exfoliation here.

Other factors which can cause pores to look enlarged include thick hair follicles, sun damage, dropping collagen production and genetics.

In the case of dropping collagen production due to biologic ageing, it is possible for the band of elasticity around the mouth of poor to lose its collagen and elastin, resulting in the skin drooping, and the pore elongating. A chemical exfoliant such as Liquid Gold may help to address this issue as it can encourage cellular renewal, which plumps and refines the epidermis, minimising the visibility of elongated pores.

Below you will find a range of products which may help you to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. If you are unsure which might be best suited to your skin type and unique concerns, please get in contact! We are pleased to offer our customers a variety of complimentary options to access advice on our products including live online skin consultations and live chat.