Alpha-H Sensitive Skin Care

Skincare For Sensitive Skin

Is your skin particularly sensitive, or does it become easily sensitised? Alpha-H offers concentrated skincare which is formulated to help you defeat the effects of sensitivity.

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Whilst many people consider they have sensitive skin, it is important to be aware that there is a difference between sensitive skin and sensitised skin.

True sensitive skin is genetic; it is generally thinner and quite fair so will burn easily. Often people with sensitive skin will have northern European heritage.

For sensitive skin types, it is of utmost importance to maintain the integrity of the skin’s lipid barrier, which is its defence mechanism. Highly active ingredients may cause damage to your lipid barrier, resulting in further irritation to your already fragile skin. As such, it is best to avoid frequent use of highly active products, and instead build a routine which will nourish and nurture your skin. Daily doses of moisturiser and SPF are non-negotiable for sensitive skin types!

On the other hand, sensitised skin is triggered by an intolerance to something it has been exposed to, or by an impaired lipid barrier which could be caused by a range of things, including using products which are too alkaline and put your skin’s pH out of balance. Sensitised skin can occur in any skin tone and may present as a rash or irritation. It is helpful to know exactly what you are intolerant to so you can try to ensure you limit your exposure to it.

Below you will find a range of products which have been created specifically with sensitive skin types in mind. If you are unsure of which product is best suited to your sensitive or sensitised skin and would like help selecting the best products for you, we are pleased to be able to offer your personalised advice through our live online skin consultations and live chat.