What does it mean to be an Alpha-H stockist?

We are really proud to be a stockist of Alpha-H.
We think there are three things you need to have to be a great beauty product or brand; initially they need to look good on the outside—it’s all about the packaging, they have to take pride of place in your bathroom. Secondly, and most importantly they need to work and achieve the desired results they promise; and thirdly they need to be good for you, inside and out.
Alpha-H delivers these key things at their best, making their products truly desirable to our customers and us! Why wouldn't we want to stock Alpha-H?


What are your top selling Alpha-H products on Bath And Unwind? 

Our top selling Alpha-H product, is the Perfect Partners Duo Set that is exclusive to Bath & Unwind. Containing the multitasking Balancing Cleanser and bestseller Liquid Gold, it truly is the perfect skincare pair!

Which beauty essentials are key for creating a fresh summer look?

We believe there are 5 key things to create a youthful, fresh look;

1.  A good cleanser—it all starts with an effective cleanser to prepare the skin. Whether you like an oil, a balm, or gel, we want to avoid pore clogging ingredients, ensuring skin is refreshed and revitalised to create a perfect base for light skincare and, or makeup.

2.  An SPF moisturiser—for the body and face! It’s so important to protect skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays (not only just in summer), so whether you opt for a high protection SPF like the Alpha H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF50+, or your foundation has sufficient SPF, we don’t leave the house without it!

3.  Skin tints & bronzers—We save the heavy coverage foundations for lack lustre winter skin, instead we like to use skin tints, bronzers or bb & cc creams to diminish the appearance of imperfections whilst giving the complexion a fresh and glowy look, perfect for summer! You can also fake the summer glow with these!

4.  Something for the lips—keep lips hydrated and plump, yet natural looking. Unless it's for a special occasion we avoid heavy lip colours and opt for light balms. If you can’t leave the house without a statement lip, make sure you prep the lips with something like the Alpha-H Aboslute Lip Perfector.

5.  Salt spray—whether you're on a beach or in your office, spritz your hair with some salt spray and you instantly feel like the epitome of a summer beauty.


What three beauty products would you take to a desert island and why?

1.  A luxurious multitasking oil—perfect for smoothing dry, frazzled hair, softening dry skin or sunburn, and injecting a boost of moisturisation to parched skin, we can’t live without an oil!

2.  Dry shampoo—love it or hate it, it serves a purpose and a desert island situation is what it was made for. It also adds that lived in feel, and works wonders if you’re trying to braid or style your hair.

3.  A rejuvenating facial treatment—we’d always choose Alpha-H Liquid Gold, we just can’t live without it. Maybe not the most obvious choice on a desert island but it’s perfect for keeping skin looking and feeling young. It’s also great at fighting pigmentation and sun damage, we just have to make sure we use SPF after. Can SPF be our 4th choice?

Who’s your celebrity beauty inspiration and why?

Aside from the classic icons who still inspire us all; Marilyn and Audrey...we love Jean Shrimpton—she was always understated and oozed femininity, and her looks are still gorgeous and relevant today.

Today there are so many different looks and women who inspire us in the Bath & Unwind office; Emma Watson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. They have the classic English rose look-flawless skin, understated looks and is the epitome of natural beauty.
We also love Viola Davis—a woman who changes her hair to suit her mood, she plays with looks and shades to show off her natural beauty, and always does so with a flash of her gorgeous smile, true inner beauty does really shine through—she is proof of that. Helen Mirran is another favourite—young or old we all need to take a leaf out of her beauty book; look after yourself, don't deprive yourself and be sexy! She takes pride in herself yet is truly herself. Jennifer Anniston will also always be our hair icon!



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