Alpha-H Skin Care FAQ

What is Liquid Gold?

If you’ve just heard of Liquid Gold for the first time, welcome aboard! We’re so excited to share our cult product with you, and help you discover if it could be the answer to your skincare prayers. Let’s take a look at what it is, what it does, how to use it and more.

Alpha H Liquid Gold

Liquid Gold by Alpha-H is a liquid chemical exfoliant which progressively resurfaces the skin. It works like a toner, exfoliant, serum and moisturiser all in one and has attracted a cult following right around the globe including well known beauty editors, industry insiders and skincare fanatics alike.

What does Liquid Gold do?

As a progressive resurfacing lotion, Liquid Gold utilises Glycolic Acid to assist in dissolving the glue-like substance which holds dead skin cells to the skin’s surface. This action then encourages those dead cells to fall off and stimulates the production of new cells in the lower layers of the skin.

Why do we need that though? Surely they’ll just fall off themselves, right?

When we are young, our skin is really good at this cell turnover process. That’s why babies and children have such beautiful, soft and glowy skin. But as we age, this process slows down, meaning those dead cells can stay stuck there for up to a couple of months. In fact, you could have up to 30 layers of dead skin at any given time. (Yep, ewwww!) This can lead to your skin taking on a dull appearance and can even cause breakouts.

When you use Liquid Gold, you gently and progressively remove these dead cells, thus allowing lovely, fresh skin that’s been hiding underneath all those dead layers finally shine through.

An added bonus is that your other skincare products are then going to be more effective too. Why? Well those dead cells stuck on the outside aren’t going to benefit from your products; they’re dead, end of story. Once those dead cells are gone though, we’re then applying our products to live cells which will actually benefit from them.

But wait, there’s more! Glycolic Acid’s small molecular size allows it to penetrate deep within the skin, and it takes other ingredients with it, allowing it to boost your skin’s natural production of hyaluronic acid from deep within. The upshot of this? It essentially moisturises your skin from within, which means less lines, wrinkles and sunspots, and your skin looks brighter and clearer as a whole.

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Why is Liquid Gold different to other Glycolic Acid tonics?

The secret to Liquid Gold’s efficacy and subsequent cult following is all in its pH. The higher the pH of a formulation with Glycolic Acid, the weaker the peel. Liquid Gold’s pH comes in at around 2.8, making about 90% of the Glycolic Acid in it able to be used by the skin. But this drops away with higher pH; at pH 4 it’s only 40%, and at pH 5 it’s just 0.6%.

Liquid Gold also features complementary ingredients Licorice Extract and Silk Proteins to further enhance your results. Licorice helps to reduce dark spots and pigmentation on the skin, while the Silk Proteins work to prevent moisture evaporating from the surface of your skin and help regulate oil production.

How do I use Liquid Gold?

Liquid Gold is the ultimate lazy girl (or guy!) routine. Step 1: Apply to a cotton round. Step 2: Wipe over your face, avoiding the delicate eye and lip areas. Step 3: There is no step 3, you’re already done!

We’re serious; you don’t need to apply a moisturiser/serum/whatever else over the top of your Liquid Gold. In fact, if you did, you’d actually not get as good a result as the other product would raise the pH, making it less effective.

Do I use Liquid Gold every night then?

Thanks to its low pH, you only need to use Liquid Gold 2-3 nights per week. Using it every night could actually over-exfoliate your skin which you don’t want to do. At Alpha-H HQ, we love to use Liquid Gold on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights because that’s easy to remember. On the other evenings, we apply our usual vitamins, moisturisers and serums.

Is Liquid Gold suitable for all skin types?

While Liquid Gold is suitable for most skin types, some super sensitive skins might find it a little too much. We also don’t generally recommend Liquid Gold for younger skins – we’re looking at you teenagers – as your skin is still working at its optimum and getting rid of those dead cells like it should.

I need this in my life!

If you’re ready to experience the difference Liquid Gold can make to your skin, you can shop it right here and right now. Alternatively check out our official online stockists or our store locator to find a retailer near you.

I have more questions about Liquid Gold…

If you need some more help deciding if Liquid Gold could be the answer to your skincare prayers, we’re here to help! You can talk to us on live chat or request a live online skin consultation.